An update on outdoor camera

Great news… power option.

If there’s a hub involved wouldn’t a power outage cause the camera not to record until power is restored??

Price is the key.

I don’t need that battery. Keep the cost low!

Thank you for your honesty I really do appreciate it you guys keep up the good work and when the outdoor camp is ready to be launched I will be one of the first wants to buy it thank you and the whole team for all your hard work I just think you guys should know that the Wyze community and all your customers really appreciate everything you guys do thank you and have a wonderful holiday

I went through this topic pretty thoroughly and did not come across whether or not the outdoor cam will have a slot for a microSD card like the indoor cam. So my question is that, will the outdoor cam have a microSD slot?

Thanks for the updates and the constant transparency!

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The thread in the Roadmap for the outdoor cam is probably a better place to search, but here is the closest link to your answer I could find, but basically there is a base station for the cam and that will house the SD card


This is what I love about Wyze. When they fall short, they don’t retreat, but instead engage with the community with sincerity and over-the-top transparency. I love you guys!


Totally agree. Few companies today do this and it is very refreshing and exciting. Too many companies release a product assuming they know what the consumer wants and when it flops they don’t understand or appreciate why. Good on Wyze!

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Well at least they are being honest here in this statement but then again this is to insure customers stick around to buy their latest products. I can not say the same for the fact this is a communist Chinese run and owned company. Scary notion considering how much china is already spying on Americans… From Servers being built in Milipitas California that are sold to Apple and Amazon to spies being caught at Lawerence Livermore labs in Pleasington California. Which was a employee for 30 years at Lawerence Livermore labs before being caught. Sorry but Wyze is funded and backed by the Chinese state surely makes you wonder why they are so dirt cheap and spreading to all parts of sale venues like Homedumpo and Amazon. Now they want access to your digitally controlled locks. Sure chalk me up to a paranoid hold out in a underground bunker but you have to wonder after china’s long record of spying on Americans and stealing everything that is not nailed down. Food for thoughts folks.

And if you’re that scared of Wyze, you’re here in a community support forum because?

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Yes I see your point it would be better to warn or remind others of what I said above in say a McDonalds forum… Raym64

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I think McDonalds would appreciate the traffic!

I understand this is how you feel, but it would be nice to back information like this up with facts and links.


You dare to ask for FACTS?


While we do have many employees that were born in China and work with Chinese manufacturers, we are an American company based in the Seattle area and our series A funding was from an American company.

We would not ask you to purchase products if you don’t feel comfortable with them. We understand how personal smart technology can be for many people and it’s important to us that folks feel comfortable.

Yes, we do want people to continue to purchase our products. But we also want to treat people how we want to be treated and that includes open and honest communication. :slight_smile:


This is exactly why I bought into Wyze. I was on the phone last night with Lutron sorry but I have some of their products. And the woman that I was speaking to said that they just bought a new house and they were looking for cameras for the inside and cameras for the outside but they couldn’t decide on a brand and I said I have just the brand for you and I directed her to Wyze and told her to just wait for the outdoor cameras because they will blow her mind and she will love them I’m sure. I explained to her my indoor camera and the picture of the $20 camera at 1080 P and she couldn’t believe it. So you have a Lutron employee that is now a Wyze customer.


Lawrence Livermore labs is not in Pleasanton California it is in Livermore California 10 miles away on the Alameda San Joaquin county borderline I really do understand your concerns but I do believe it is not OK to criticize someone or a company because they have employees that are not born in the USA personal security should be on the minds of everyone and I do believe Wyze is the company that leans on its customers for their opinion on which direction the company should go there open and honest with us so we should take that in consideration I feel comfortable having a Wyze camera outside of my house and inside my house protecting my family And no I’m not saying I have a Wyze camera in every room just watching my front door from the inside and watching the outside of my house that’s why I cannot wait until they come out with the outdoor cam I will be using it and yes I pre-ordered the lock and will be using that as well and everyone is entitled to their opinion and to voice their opinion just as long as we do it in a respectful and Meaningful Way, God bless you and thank you for the food for thought


Guess we people that need an outdoor location will just carry on using the current Wyze cameras; making sure that they have DC power and are covered from direct rain or snow.:grinning: I have had no problem with the cameras or their responsiveness down to the 10 degrees below freezing that I can get at my location. As you say the issue is about battery powered camera rather than outdoor camera; once battery powered could be used indoors or outdoors. The Reolink Argus 2 is your competition; you want to produce the same of better specs at a lower price point (<$80). Spend some time doing it.:+1:


I’ve 2 Argus 2’s, bought before I found Wyze. They rarely get used. I put together a $15 10 AH battery with a Wyze cam when I need battery operated.
I admit I may have little over indulged in the low price with over 2 dozen cams but at their price point I expected a higher failure rate.
There is no way I could afford 2 dozen Argus 2’s, heck an extra battery cost about as much as 2 V2’s. And with my usage I was swapping out batteries for charging about once a week.

Right now I’ve 4 V2’s outside running off wall warts, and I’m preparing several more.
And @rbruceporter has volunteered as person detection, but I think he would be too expensive for me,


But I am fun to have around or so I have been told. :blush:

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