Operation failed playback sd card

Get rid of the Wyze cams. I have and use Reolink. Better customer service, better and easier operation, and have had no problems. I still have some Wyze cameras in operation and there is no comparison - the Reolink outperforms the Wyze in every aspect. I can do live monitoring on the computer or my Android.

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Same issue 9 Wyze V3 cams. “operation failed” message when in playback mode. Been happening for a while now. Pretty frustrating. I have ReoLink as well. Cameras aren’t as clear as Wyze but it’s a more reliable system. I’ll stay with Wyze as well as they are easy to get up and running. Be nice to have a fix for this issue though.


Yeah, am surprised it’s taken this long for them to roll out a fix for this.

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WYZE pushed out a firmware update (V: and now every damn cam will chime with “ready to connect” after re-connecting each one. WYZE customer service is the absolute worst, I’d rather go to the DMV.
WYZE: Fix these cams or start issuing refunds!

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wow, their QA sucks!!!

Just updated app to new version
Playback seems to be working as normal again.

But, if you don’t scrub directly to a green area, eg: no events for a while and need to land on a white area to continue scrubbing, once you land on the green area the playback won’t play until you scrub over it again.

Works perfect when scrubbing from green area to green area though.

Hope that’s fixed in next update :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing any new firmware updates
Present update is for IOS. V3 cameras.

New app version is not showing the operation failed error when trying to check events but it doesn’t work, you can only see the last event but nothing else

So new app doesn’t work

The Apple Wyze app update to works for me. Can “View Playback” properly now.

Same here… Current update is for IOS, for all my V3 cameras. V2 Cameras are at Don’t know where a “new” version come from.

go to apple app store, search wyze app and click “update”. I just did, my 3 V3 finally work for playback. Taking so long for them to fix

For those having issues because their Wyze cameras are at version 4.36.x.x please note that the fix is not on the Wyze camera. You need to update your Apple Wyze App in the Apple App Store.

Thank you for those who clarified performing an update. I have been trying to update my cameras all along. It was the Wyze Apple App that needed updating. Was it too much for Wyze customer service to advise us of that?

Just realized it’s a new APP version
Just updated and not a firm ware version

You are correct. Wyze does not tell people when there is a new app update. They have no interest and don’t care if users continue to deal with camera issues. That why they are not a good company. There are never ending issues
With their v3 cameras. Never can get stability in their camera. A product that has been out for many years should run without any issues.
Every time the un wise people
Make a change its
Like taking one step forward and three steps
Backwards. Their software engineers are like out of high school and don’t know what they are doing. Very pathetic company. These issues go for all their product. NO product Stability. Always an issue.

My I phone is set for auto app updates and it showed the app version to be up to date but it was not the correct new app update. I had to manually get the new app. So I phone users, be ware if this.

They do say on this forum when a new app is released;

Do you get notifications from other companies that a new app if available? My iOS devices tell me when there is a new version, that’s it. :upside_down_face: :rofl:

My I phone will automatically up date an app
When an app is updated. Set as auto update
Other companies don’t tell me when an
App is updated but don’t need that because when other companies have an update my phone will automatically update that app. When I looked at the Wyze app it said it was up to date even though it was not.

Since Wyze has so
Many fricken
Bugs that affect your security it would be nice if they send out a message to all users how to fix the bug issues. Seems
Like they always send
Messages when they want you to
Upgrade to cam plus. Ah.- They have time
To do that so they can try and get more money from you. Why would anyone pay for more services when their existing service is crap.
Hey Wyxe. Get wise. If you have stable products , then maybe you will be
Able to get more upgrades. What a
Thought. Turn on that
Light bulb.

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I’ve had a few issues with my WYZE stuff but I have never had a playback issue from the SD cards on my three V3 cams, my one v3 Pro cam and even from my old version one battery powered WCO doing scheduled event recording to the SD in the cams.
I also have had no issues with the V3 cams and the only issue I had with the V3 Pro was a firmware update which I fixed myself. I read all the categories on these forums and read about all the various problems folks have but I have only had a few (For Now). :grin: :grin: