Okay lets talk wyze lock and auto unlock

I just picked up the Wyze lock and auto un-lock is not working. I tried all the trouble shooting tips. If I was going to have to deal with this, I would have stuck with the August lock , At least that worked most of the time. @WyzeGwendolyn if you could send this up to have someone check on the auto unlock it would be appreciated. I am on a Galaxy S10 with Android 12 . All my permissions are correct and location/Bluetooth is always on.


I can verify the auto unlock has worked for me. WyzeGwendolyn is now primarily watching the Facebook Core group and has turned over the reigns here in the forums to WyzeJasonJ, though WyzeGwendolyn does drop in here from time to time.

For support issues like this that aren’t being reported by lots of people experiencing the same thing, the best course of action is to contact support first:

Go through the required troubleshooting steps so they can confirm the issue or what is causing the issue. They should get it resolved for you. If it is determined the hardware is faulty, they should replace it under the warranty. One way or the other they will get it resolved for you. If they don’t, or you are still having issues, then copy the support ticket number here in the forums and someone can then get it escalated for you to have it looked into further up…they will review the support ticket, confirm you went through the needed troubleshooting, and handle it from there…most of the time support adequately handles things though.

I personally prefer to contact support by email because then it is convenient and at my leisure when to do as they ask and respond when I’m free. I’ve personally never not been taken care of really well by support. That is where I would start, and it’s the quickest way to fix this.

As @carverofchoice said Gwendolyn is still around but less often than they used to, I have taken over being the resident Wyze representative on the Forum. I am sorry you are having issues with the auto unlock, could you tell me what version of the app you are running and are you on iOS or Android.

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Thank you for getting back to me . I am on a Galaxy S10 with Android 12. App is V2.33.0 (61) .I set up a rule for geofencing for the lock ill try it out tomorrow. I would figure turning on Auto unlock and setting my location would allow the lock to unlock also.

Since you are on Android 12 could you also make sure the permission for ‘Nearby devices’ is set allow.

We are 2 for two on Auto unlock not working. I did notice the August lock app tried to unlock my old August lock. I have since removed the August app and will try again to see if maybe that was interfering with the Auto unlock. I checked the rule history for unlock front door and there is no entry. Like it did not even attempt to unlock the door. Keypad works like a charm though.

@WyzeJasonJ .Third time not Auto unlocking means there’s a problem. Still no auto unlock after a third attempt. I called support, they are sending my logs over to the App team. I also have mostly an Wyze ecosystem here, so hopefully they can get this fixed.

Did you check the Nearby devices permission in Android? The only other thing I can think of is you cannot have the lock open and on scrren in the app or it will override the auto unlock.

Yes nearby permissions are granted and I do not have the app open.


We are reaching the extent of my problem solving, hopefully support is able to help you out. I haven’t used Wyze Lock in awhile because I swapped it for the Lock Bolt for testing, prior to that it was working for me. I may have to swap back and see if it still is.

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Auto unlock just worked once for me . So I will try it again , when I get a chance to go out.

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I just had auto unlock work once for me. Looks like all my Geofencing is working right as well.

Same problem here with Samsung S21.


I reset Bluetooth and location in the phone. I also set a rule in the Wyze app to open the door when in area. I also noticed, it might take 10 seconds or so for the lock to auto unlock. So a lot quicker then digging for keys , but a lot slower then what I would like.

Auto -unlock has never worked for me. I have had my lock for over two years.

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So I noticed , when auto unlock works. It takes forever to unlock the door. Would be nice if Wyze could pick up the speed of the lock unlocking. Also Would be nice if the lock Auto unlocked all the time, consistently. Also noticed the firmware has not been updated on the Wyze lock for the past year. Wyze is still selling the lock so it should be supported.

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Wyze ecosystem mainly. Have had original lock installed for over year. Seriously one of the most frustrating technology items I’ve ever owned. My family HATES it.
I have worked with Wyze support. I have calibrated possibly 100’s of times now.
My lock CANNOT figure out that the door is OPEN so it decides to put the bolt out, thereby damaging the wood trim where it hits the door by someone closing it.
When it does work (seldom) it works for about a day then decides it needs to be recalibrated AGAIN.

I am an extremely dissatisfied customer and will not recommend Wyze to anyone any longer.

All installation instructions have been checked and rechecked. I use Apple iPhone app.

I just installed the Wyze lock and i have been able to get the auto unlock to work. I did notice that if i was connected to my wireless headphones that the auto unlock did not work.
I also noticed that the auto unlock worked when i came home by parking the car in the garage and walking into the house thru the dropzone door which i was not expecting.

My iPhone is always bluetooth connected to my (After)Shokz Aeropex bluetooth headset when I arrive home, and the “Auto Open” has worked everytime so far. (so long as I don’t have the bluetooth turned off)

How close is the “dropzone door” to the door that has the Wyze Lock installed? I’m going to guess it’s close enough for the bluetooth on your phone to be detected by the Wyze Lock to open it as you enter the GeoFence of your home, and thus it unlocks it?


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Yes the drop zone is a short distance from the lock so it’s sensing I am home and unlocking. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.