Formal Transfer of Forum Community Management Ownership to WyzeJasonJ

Hi, folks!

Jason was hired as a full-time employee again at the end of May and he’s been going through training ever since. I’ve been slowly transferring more responsibilities to him over time and guiding him on his way. Today, I’m finally and formally handing him the reigns. Jason has been doing a fantastic job (as he always has) and I’m proud of his growth and ownership of this platform. I know you’re all in good hands. :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, I’m still going to bop around here when I have time to hang out with you, if there’s an emergency, or when I finally boot Jason out of the office for some well-deserved PTO (it’s comin’ buddy, plan on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ).

You’ll find me most often in our Facebook group, Wyze Core Community. I’m also over in our Discord server a bit especially for our live events. Regardless, you’re in my heart and the forum will always feel like home. I really wish I had the bandwidth to take care of all of our platforms the way I used to. But I can do my best work supporting you by limiting that scope and making noise for you inside the company. So you’ll see me around! But if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to tag @WyzeJasonJ . I wouldn’t consider this change if I were anything less than fully confident that he’s ready and excited to be your Wyze liaison making sure your voice is heard.

See ya later! :heart: :sob:


We will miss you but we are in good hands with @WyzeJasonJ . :slightly_smiling_face:


I know we will be in great hands with @WyzeJasonJ , but you will be missed. You will not be forgotten in these forums and plan on getting a few tags every now and then, if not just to see how you are doing.

You are a great asset to Wyze as is Jason and Jimmy. :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart:

Don’t be a stranger.

Congrats @WyzeJasonJ :+1:


I’ll miss you, too. :sob:

But yeah, Jason has you covered. :slightly_smiling_face:


No being a stranger here! I’m keeping my bookmarks and I’ll be checking on things periodically (especially with our beloved volunteers). :grin:


Glad this will take some work off your shoulders, and we’re in great hands with Jason.

We will miss you though!


I have very mixed feeling right now. Proud of Jason and know he’ll continue to do a great job. But you and I kinda started this (how many years ago?) and I’m gonna miss that.


I’m 100% with you on that, buddy. I have so many warm, fuzzy memories of the years with you in our forums and I’m always gonna treasure that. But you know you’re not getting rid of me THAT easily! You’re one of my favorite people and I’m still hanging out. You know where to find me. :heart:


Thank you everyone, I will continue to do the best I can, I honestly do not know any other way.

Feel free to tag me with issues you have or see.

Thank you @UserCustomerGwen and @Loki for building this community into what it is today and your confidence in allowing me to take over the reigns.


:man_bowing:t2: for all of the accomplishments within the community.

A solid foundation in which to continue to grow on.
Congratulations @UserCustomerGwen and @WyzeJasonJ!


it has been a long road and I will not forget the many hours of contribution you @Loki and @UserCustomerGwen have put into it.
It was not easy starting out to get to where it is today


I’m gonna miss ya, person. Don’t be a stranger. :sunflower:


Good luck in whatever you do Gwendolyn! You were always polite and fair with me even when I sometimes crossed the line on my posts :stuck_out_tongue:


@UserCustomerGwen isn’t really going very far, the various communities have become too large to manage them all by themself. Gwen will be concentrating mainly on the Wyze Core Community on Facebook and can also be found on Discord a lot.


Nobility takes over reigns. :slight_smile:


Green beard! How go the wars? :slight_smile:


I know you’re doing a spelling correction but I love this statement for some reason. :thinking:

@Fred_A and @peepeep, TADA! Turns out that when I make my scope more manageable that I can socialize with the community more often. See? I’m already back! :tada:

Oooh… Maybe I’ll start hanging out in the Watercooler? :star_struck:


The more the merrier, synchronized swim! :grin:



Can we please get an update, a comment, any acknowledgement that a v3 app will ever be released with at least a dark mode and higher contrast text???

its been 3 years and nothing but more modules for more products.

That strikes me as digging a deeper hole on the coding side.

I’m asking nicely on behalf of thousands of people who have given up even asking