No sound audio in playback of v3 floodlights

The earlier working firmware @GreatRay is referring to is

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I do test on my side and cannot repro the issue. Let me check with the team and try to repro with larger amount of devices. Sorry for the inconvenience

Please use the floodlight. Previous comments state the issue is only present when connected to the floodlight.


Log ID: 1281427

Sound icon is enabled on playback.
There is no sound in playback even if I try to record the playback footage.
There is sound on specific cloud event playback.
There is sound on live.
There is sound when I record live footage and it plays back with sound as well.
Advanced Settings → Record Sound is enabled

To recap, no sound audio playback in microSD footage in the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight. There is a loud static noise when I scroll through the footage. Any firmware after is confirmed to have this same issue.

What’s funny is that the playback audio works when I disconnect the Wyze Cam V3 from the Floodlight. However, when I reconnected it back to the Floodlight the audio playback is gone again.


No sound on floodlight v3 cam using sdcard playback. There is a loud static noise occasionally but that’s it.
If you unplug the cam from the floodlight, it works fine.


Due to the behavior that once the floodlight is used there’s no sound recorded to the SD card, it sounds to me that the memory used for the floodlight steps on the buffer for recording audio to the SD card.

Wyze engineering team may want to check the memory boundaries of different regions if allocated statically, or run time buffer overflow if allocated dynamically. Very easy to repro, hard if not impossible to miss the repro.

Again, thank you very much for looking into this issue, the community is eagerly waiting for a solution. Greatly appreciate it.


I am having the same problem. Recent firmware update has not had any effect. Does anyone think the type of SD could be a cause ? Personally this seems unlikely.

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Definitely not the SD card.

It seems Wyze has yet again abandoned its customers and decided to go with a new version of the floodlight all together. Instead of the fixing a firmware issue, they’d rather you spend money on a new floodlight. Highly disappointed in their lack of support for their products.


Came here after updating my V3 Flood and now it has the same issue. I didnt check the forums and figured after MONTHS of newer firmware releases, this had to be fixed by now, Nope. I actually bricked my V3 after doing the OTA update so I went out and replaced the V3 with another. Now I am down a bricked V3 and a no audio V3 Flood.


I came here to say I have been having this issue on my V2 and V3 cameras for a LONG time. Before even this. I have done everything I could factory reset the cameras, formated the sd card on the app and in windows… nothing fixed. it

I did get the new floodlight and so far it is working.

This is making their older equipment no longer work… need to start filing complaints with the government if they don’t fix it soon. There is no reason all my cameras cannot have sound except the newest one using their new system.

My SD cards on the old cameras don’t even have sound when you pull it from the SD on a windows computer and yes all sound settings are on and I have troubleshot with wyze just last month they acted like they never heard of the issue…


Yea this has been an ongoing issue for a super long time and every person who says they talk to wyze directly about it gets the same run around, they act like it’s something they’ve never heard of before. Like it’s something on your end you’re doing wrong. Or you have a defective unit and they try to offer you a gift card.

I keep checking back here but I’ll just continue running the super old firmware until it doesn’t work or the camera forces me to update it in which case I’ll probably just replace the floodlight altogether. Seems to be our only option which is sad. We seemed to be getting somewhere even had a wyze moderator or team member commenting a few weeks ago not sure if that went anywhere or not but the whole things very discouraging.

The strangest development is apparently if you disconnect your camera from the floodlight everything works fine by itself I haven’t tried this yet but people are saying that works. I bought a floodlight v3 combo to use the floodlight on my porch though in unison with the camera so even if it does work it doesn’t help much other then to serve to diagnose the real issue here with the firmware.

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Received an email from Wyze Forum yesterday that included the following announcement " Wyze Cam v3, Pan v2 & v3 Pro Firmware Beta Test 4/22/2024".

Notes for the update say " * Fixed a bug that caused no audio playback on Wyze Cam v3 when connected to Wyze Cam Floodlight (v1)".

Could this be a fix for our Floodlights? I started looking at the responses in the forum concerning this Beta Test but didn’t notice anything about our very old issue.


Seems to fix one issue but creates another with the playback folders.

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Does anyone know when the sound issue will be corrected in the full app version? This is really pissing me off and it’s been a long time not having sound on playback from hardwired devices.

I think it is possible that they delayed releasing the stable firmware of because of the reported V3 weird behaviour (or mimicking OG) after 30 min of internet outage. I wonder what will they do. Will they actually release it as is or try to fix it?

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Don’t be like me and buy a Floodlight Pro because you’re tired of waiting for Wyze to fix their garbage firmware. I went through two of the Floodlight Pro cams. They both failed around 30 days. I’m currently working on getting myself out of the Wyze ecosystem and warning every person not to buy Wyze that asks me what camera to buy. The support and quality is atrocious.

I have (not beta) and audio playback on my floodlight V3 is working for me.