Live view on Alexa when person detected

Any advice on this I’m just looking for a brief live view on my echo show device when a person is detected on the Wyze cam. Currently, Alexa announces a person detected, but I would also like to see a brief video feed.

Thank you in advance fellow techies.

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I believe you can set this up with routines in Alexa, but it’s been awhile since I messed with routines.

Yes you certainly can but when I go to set it up it doesn’t allow me to select the option from the camera the app just freezes

There is an issue with Alexa Routines and Wyze cams at the moment. I believe it to be on the Amazon side. I have placed tickets in both camps.

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Didn’t realize that! Thanks, @R.Good!

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Thanks so much I believe when I’m experiencing is similar to what you said

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It seems like you know a lot about the system any idea what the three lights represent on the hub sense?

I know a little something :slight_smile:

Are looking for In general or are they doing something specific?

All three are just lit I saw wise’s explanation but wanted to know a little more.

Ask away…

This is the info you have seen already?

Yes doesn’t really say what they represent. Do you know?

The three lights are just that, 3 lights that provide an indicator of the status of the Hub.

When they are on and solid, your system is operating normally

If they are flashing one at a time left to right the Hub is disconnected from your network

Flashing at the same time, the hub is attempting to connect to a device, like a sensor.

No lights…there is no power.


Thanks for explaining that!! You were very helpful.

Happy I could help. If we see anything update on the Alexa side I will update this thread.

When Amazon corrects the issue, you can do what you are asking for via a Routine. I do it when the doorbell is pressed, but you can do it with other triggers as well. Here is a link in the Tips and Tricks:

This is perfect thank you! My wife just accidentally set off the alarm from the basement door she didn’t know that I had it on and you can’t hear the hub when you’re downstairs. Is there any way to know if the alarm is on? Or if it has been tripped? I do have a keypad mounted next to the basement door and an echo dot nearby.

Currently HMS does not provide any Rules to attach to it. So not at this time.

@carverofchoice @R.Good , do yo have any suggestions?

No additional rules today. But there is this wishlist

If you are in Canada routines do not work with wyze.

No usa