Grayed out "playback" button in cloud events

What happened to the playback button I’m not paying for camp plus it used to let you at least go back to where the event started didn’t show you a quick 10 second clip but I was fine with that at least it would take me back to where in the video it was and I wouldn’t have to search for it now all of a sudden the button can’t even be used unless you buy campus which I think is wrong it used to be free I can see if I had wanted the 10 second or 15 second clips save to cloud I would like to know why they remove that feature

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @max89892000.

The “Playback” icon at the bottom of the Event Player is to access uSD Card footage ONLY. If you do not have uSD cards installed in your cams, you cannot access what is not there. Likewise, the “playback” bar in the Live View is for the uSD footage playback only.

If you do have uSD cards installed but the playback button or the playback bar is not working to take you to your uSD footage, I would first ensure that my app and cam firmware are up to date and that the cam is recognizing the uSD card.

If you are viewing 12s videos in the Events tab, I will assume you have a CamPlus Lite subscription as this is the only subscription that gets 12s videos. When you view an Event Video that was stored on the cloud servers, you should have the timeline slider to go back to the beginning.

Basic, no-subscription cams will only get thumbnail Event snapshots. No video.

There is still a 5 minute cooldown between events for both basic and CPL.

I have a sd card installed I can play the play Back videos but when u go to events the play event button won’t does nothing it use to take u back in the video and played it not no more

Do you have the basic no-subscription thumbnails in the Events tab or do you have CamPlus Lite 12s videos?

I am not familliar with a “Play Event” button. My app and V3 have no such button. Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

In my Events tab, when I select one of the videos from the Events tab to watch \ view it, the playback icon at the bottom is the only way to go to the exact timestamp spot on the uSD card footage.

If this button isn’t taking you to your uSD footage, what is the message you are getting when you press that?

An additional question for you…

Is this happening on a Wyze Cam V3?

Or a Wyze Cam Outdoor?

What actual firmware version is on the camera? And what actual app version are you using? Can you submit an app log and provide me the log number here? Thanks in advance!

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It’s the v3. Mine looks just like that but the play back button is a real light gray not black like the other ones

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Does that event play correctly? Any other function not work that you can see?


I am sorry this is happening to you. I have sent this issue up to the team to be looked at.


So Far everything else seems to be working just fine that is the only thing that I’m seeing

Thank you

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So that cloud event itself is supposed to be an image then, and not a video?

@max89892000 - when you view the event video for the camera with SD card in it, could you please check the SD card icon again in a few seconds and see if it gets enabled? The SD card discovery may take a few seconds in some cases. Let me know, If not could you please follow these steps and submit a log id:

  1. Go to camera live stream for camera that has SD card inserted.
  2. Click “View Playback” → SD card playback should open
  3. Go under Events tab and open an event captured by this camera
  4. Wait for a few seconds to see if SD card icon gets enabled
  5. Exit the events tab
  6. Re-enter the events tab and click on any past event recorded by this camera
  7. In case the playback button on events is still gray, submit the log and please send me the log id.

@max89892000 - We have found the issue. I will get this fixed asap.


I’m not shore how to Submit a log to send to you or get a number

Ok good thanks

From the main screen in the app, Account - Wyze Support - Submit.a log.

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Same just happened to me on my V2 cams. I get a snapshot but when I view SD there is no video. V3 WORKS FINE. SEEMS i cannot firmat on V2 but can in V3.