Greyed out Playback button on Wyze App

I am able to see the time on the cam timestamp within the Event Video and then go to and drag the SD timeline indicator to within a second of the exact time the event occurred on the SD Card. No scrubbing, rewinding, or fast forwarding required. Just did it today on my FLP for SD Video Playback of an event that was caught on another cam.

Yes. Here are examples from multiple other types of cams having the issue, some going back over a year.

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Is it just me or something happened to the app?

Very good question. And one I do not have an answer for. I could speculate. But it isn’t something I can fix. This is not the first time a prior bug has resurfaced many calendar pages later.

If it is an App or Firmware bug, the fix has to be coded into a new version, Alpha Tested, then Beta Tested. At any point during that testing if some other issue has to be fixed (since most releases contain multiple fixes, updates, and patches), even if this one is fixed, it has to be recoded for the new fixes and re-released for yet another round of Beta testing. There are some Beta tests that last for months before a final Release Candidate is run thru a pre-release final Beta Round and prepped for Production release.