Is it just me or something happened to the app?

I can’t see event when I have SD cards on all of my cameras, it keep telling meTo our chance the subscription and I used to do it for free.

Welcome to the forums! The SD card local storage functions have always been free and are unaffected by any subscription or not.

Where are you looking when you see the promotion? You should still be able to see the event tab, which is where your cloud events are. The events will be either images of events or video clips depending on if you have a subscription to CamPlus or CamPlusLite or not.

Do you have a camplus or CamPlusLite subscription? Any error messages that your see? What actual app version do you have?

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And the followup to what Omgitstony said:

uSD card recordings are not and never have been accessed via the Events tab. Select a camera (as if to watch it live), and then select “View Playback” at the bottom of the screen to watch uSD card recordings.

And before someone calls me on my first statement, you CAN get to uSD card recordings from the Events tab, by watching a cloud event recording (still or video) and then selecting the icon that sort of looks like a uSD card. That will take you to the uSD card recording at the same time.


Yes it was. From the event I used to click on playback and it would take me straight to that short clip. Not it won’t let me click on it at all.

You mean it is not there? or it does nothing? A new version of the app was just released a day or 2 ago version 2.33.0 (17) for iOS

What actual firmware version is on the camera? And what actual app version are you using? Can you submit an app log and provide me the log number here? Thanks in advance!

Do you have Campus light on a camera or nothing at all?

When you click on the event does it load and play correctly (If you have at least cpl on it)?

I am sorry this is happening to you. I have sent this issue up to the team to be looked at.


I have the same issue. The payback is grey out and I only I see the event picture which is useless.

Welcome to the forums! Do you have Camplus or CamPlusLite? The event should be a video right? What camera is that happening on? What is the actual firmware in the camera and what actual app version are you using?

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every camera is up to date and app is up to date as well. Camera is on and app is IOS
All cameras are V2. They are working perfect before. Until I found this issue today.
I thought it might be app problem. I know you just update the app 2 days ago.

I think I am on CamPlusLite plan which is free.

On your app you should go to account>services and see if your camera are listed under cam plus or cam plus lite. Your app is also missing the sound icon from the bottom left before the live stream ion?

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Just checked. I am not on CamPlusLite. My app is always like that. Even in for the previous version. There is no sound button since forevery. BTW, I am in Canada. Anyway, my quesiton is why it is working before and it is not working anymore. Is there something changed recently? Does none subscriber cannot see the short video clips anymore?

Things changed in January 2022, if you do not have at least cam plus lite you will not get any 12 second video clips on your events page (Cloud recordings), just a thumbnail photo. I do not have a V2 cam just WCO cams and three V3 cams. I assume you can record to an SD card in the V2 and also view the playback. Do you have a SD card in the cam? Can you open it to live view and then go to playback and see the recording on the SD card?

SEE Here:

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This issue is actively being looked into by Wyze. @WyzeJasonJ referred it to the devs and they are investigating. Another user has reported the same occurrence at nearly the same time. The playback button should be accessible. Perhaps go to the other thread and follow the troubleshooting steps so that you can also submit logs.

See this thread:

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yes I have SD on my camera. I can see all the footage by VIEW PLAYBACK in the camera page. Just cannot see the playback in the event. As I said, they are working perfectly two weeks ago because that is the last time I check it. Today I want to checked again I found it does not working anymore. That is why I think either you changed your policy in this two weeks or something went wrong with the new app.

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No policy change, it is a bug and they are currently looking into a fix.


Update for here too…


@jonathanmancia88 - We have found the issue. This is a bug and we are getting this fixed ASAP. Thanks for flagging it and sorry for the inconvenience.