Event Detection Randomly Stopped Working?

We’ve had our cameras for a few months now and love them. We also have the Plus subscription, and the event detection feature has been really vital in protecting our home during an ongoing dispute with a neighbor.

A few days ago, the event detection option mysteriously disappeared though. Our subscription is still active. The cameras are all set to detect motion. Literally nothing in their settings changed at all. Just a few days ago when I push the button for “View Playback” I have no options to view any playback. It just gives me a popup saying I need to install an SD card. This feature has been working fine without an SD card for months so how do I get it back to the way it was?

Hey, sorry about your issues. All events are stored in the cloud, and the sd card is only for manually initiates recordings and timelapses. If your clicking the playback button you will get your recordings. To view events, click the events tab at the very bottom. Thanks!

I believe the messaging was changed a bit recently, so that could be the cause of your confusion. Cloud events are in the events tab.


Thank you so much! I found the events tab on the main page where it lists all the cameras and it has the individual events under it. Such a relief. Before I was accessing them through the playback button on the individual cameras.

I figured they were still being recorded and put somewhere since the app was giving me movement detection notifications. Just couldn’t figure out where.

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