Past events suddenly disappeared this morning

I usually get multiple events per day, and they are saved for a week or more (until the SD card is full), but this morning, suddenly all past events were gone and when I checked settings it looked like event capture was turned off. I turned it back on, saw one new event. In the hour it took me to get to the computer to report this, past events were still missing, but as soon as I started this post, I checked one more time, and all past events are suddenly back.

So, no longer a problem to solve, but I’m wondering if there was some outage or software update (I did not run any) that caused this temporary problem? Or does the camera know when I log into the community forum? (kidding, I hope)

You mentioned both cloud recording and local storage interchangeably, but where were you missing the events, the event tab, or in playback? Each are different and have different avenues of troubleshooting. Cloud storage (event tab) and the local storage (sd card) are operated Independant of eachother. Glad the planets aligned and they came back though!

Please file a support request and submit logs. That’s the only way that Wyze is going to able to analyze this.

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It’s not important as it was a transitory problem. I just thought someone from Wyze might know why this happened.

Been having similar problem for dsys now. Get a notification but no event shows. Events disappear and no events for long periods even though the sd playback shows them. This is across ten cameras on two different houses. Opened a complaint and sent log, but seems like a cloud problem since everything else functional.

Welcome to the forums! First the local storage (SD card) and cloud storage "event tab are seperate and Independant functions.

If you are getting event notifications, that means events are making it to the cloud and should be shown in your event tab. If they are not visible, I bet you have different filters applied that are hiding the events. To clear your filters, click the funnel on the upper left of the event tab and clear all filters. Since this is affecting all your cameras, I bet this is occuring. Can you post a screen shot of your event tab? We can start the troubleshooting with this…

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All good now, somehow person filters was on. Does not explain why I didn’t show up when I walked by four cameras last night. Figured it out this morning, thanks for the heads up.