All events have vanished

Suddenly while in vacation all current and past events for all 3 cameras have vanished. It’s as if the app will not connect and show events. I have deleted the app and reinstalled, but still having the issue. Camera settings have not changed. I receive notifications. Is there something wrong with cloud storage? How do I find out? Not sure what else I can do. Any tips? TIA

That’s definitely abnormal and not happening for most people. I would contact support so they can log it and send the info to the engineers to look into it.

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These notifications, are they notifications of event videos from your cameras? Then you go to the event tab and you don’t see anything? If those notifications are from your events, then those are triggered from your cloud event videos. You may have some extra filters enabled that are hiding all your videos. Remove all filters in the event tab to see if your event videos are shown again.

Do you have more than zero cameras selected in the events page. We’ve had our app lose the settings when the app updates. My wife recently said “I’m not seeing that event” after I asked if she saw a particular animal. Turns out all the cameras were unchecked ( a few weeks prior her setup had 12 cameras checked ) she didn’t alter the setting, but did update the app.

Same happened to me with a new style for events in addition to showing no events in what appears to be an unsuccessful attempt to change the way events are shown. This is obviously purposeful in the change, but may have an unintended consequence of wiping out recent events and that’s a big deal that needs to be addressed.

I have the same problem with all my cameras. Not good for customers.