Floodlight Pro App Crash - Setting Floodlight Schedule

Android App Version on Android 11 Moto G. Wyze Floodlight Pro is operating on Firmware Version 2.0.921

I set my Floodlight Activation on Motion Schedule Start time to 10 minutes Before Sunset and End time to 10 Minutes After Sunrise, saved it, and exited to Live Stream.

I reentered the Schedule settings to edit them,

Issue #1: the Start and the End time default to 0 min Before. They do not default to that which was previously selected and saved.

Issue #2: if I want to change from 10 minutes before to 10 minutes after, I select 10 minutes and select After and then save. The After does not save. It is still Before.

Issue #3: If I want it to start exactly at Sunset and end at Sunrise when editing this previously set schedule, I open the start or end time, it is defaulted to 0 min Before, I either leave it Before or change it to After, but I leave the minutes at 0 min. I click Save, I get a TOTAL AND COMPLETE APP CRASH AND RELOAD. If I change it from Sunrise to Sunset and save, same App Crash. Any time I try to edit and leave the minutes on 0, total app crash.

Can anyone else replicate these?


I just tried some of these. I had mine set for Sunset to sunrise on Ambient.

Related to issue 3: I changed my schedules from right at sunset/sunrise to 10min before for both (this worked fine) then set it to 0min before. It worked for the Off/Sunrisse one, but keeps crashing when I set the On/Sunset to 0 min before. I tried 4 times, it crashed every time, and didn’t save to 0minutes before sunset from previously being on 10min before sunset. Finally had to set it to 1 minute after sunset and then it didn’t crash. I also replicated the same issue with the floodlight schedule settings (not just ambient schedule).
So I can confirm that there are definitely some scheduling bugs to look into.

I tried to replicate Issue 2 on both Ambient and Floodlight schedules, but It saved for me as expected, so I cannot confirm that one. :man_shrugging: But considering there were other bugs with the schedules that I found, I believe you.


Setting a time for before or after sunrise/sunset doesnt work at all for me. Ive tried changing it several times but cant get it to save, it always resets to exactly at sunrise or sunset. The floodlight timing is off by an hour despite allowing the ‘precise location’ permission for the app- it turns on a good hour before sunset and turns off an hour before sunrise when its still pitch black outside- so I was hoping to override that bug by setting it to turn on hour later and turn off an hour later. Havent been able to do that because of this second bug, hoping theyre aware of the issue so they can patch it in a firmware update.

The older V3 floodlight let you set your location using a map as opposed to a persistent app permission. That worked great, no idea why they changed it.

I was able to work around my app crash issues by setting the start and end time to a “custom” time, saving, going back to live stream, then reentering the same spotlight settings and setting it to the before \ after sunrise \ sunset times I wanted. Once the custom settings save, it seems to be accepting of the new sunrise sunset time settings.

This is only a temporary workaround though. The bug needs fixed. It has been reported to Wyze and the developers are aware of it.

Have you pressed the “Sync Time” button in the Advanced Settings menu?

I hadnt tried that but just did a sync. Hopefully that will give an easy fix. If not then I’ll try the workaround you came up with- thanks for the tip.

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An update for all those noticing this issue with setting the Floodlight Activation Schedule. I am testing this feature and functionality in the current Android Beta App Release Candidate 2.43.0.b309 and it appears that the issue has been resolved. Let’s hope the Beta App passes QA soon.

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