Fix-It Friday 4/1/22

My appologies for any offense from what I said. The response Wyze gave had asked that responses be posted in the Fix It Friday Thread, and I did not see a response from you there.

I tried to find it, and I know you corresponded in the firmware announcement thread about having problems with the firmware and said your main point was to request to be able to roll back the firmware. I am very supportive of your suggestion there. I apologize if I misunderstood anything that was intended. Regardless of any of that, you did a GREAT job here answering the questions above. It is much appreciated.

I also realized that I misspoke anyway. There were 3 other people who responded in the Fix-It-Friday thread answering all the questions thoroughly with logs included, so I appreciate you bringing that to everyone’s attention, especially me. I must have read them at 3 am while I was working and just forgot somehow. The current responses I’ve found since Wyze’s request now include:

1aaronj did a thorough response here
motoxmat4 did a thorough response here
Mynus64 did a thorough response here

And now mattbrav’s great answers to the request in this thread above (EDIT: And he has posted a very thorough, high quality response in that previous Fix-It-Friday thread now too)

I would still like to encourage any others experiencing issues to similarly answer the questions so we can hopefully get a newer, better update soon. :slight_smile:

I would like to point out that I don’t represent or speak for Wyze in any way. I am just a user like everyone else who tries to help out.


I responded to the current Fix-It thread (e.g. this one) and the firmware release thread (e.g. Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum (

You seem to be implying that Wyze will only recognize my response if it’s in the same (now old) Fix-It thread where the questions were originally posed. That seems odd but but in the spirit of attempting to try to bring this month-long issue to resolution … sure, I’ll repost my answers again in that thread.

I appreciate your updated comments. Let me try and explain our frustration.

I’ve been a Wyze customer for years and these hub issues have been the most disruptive problem I’ve had with their products. Their customer service response has been embarrassing.

In more detail:

  • Wyze releases firmware
  • Almost immediately, users report issues with the firmware, spread across multiple threads.
  • Wyze pulls the firmware.
  • Despite multiple reports of issues, many with log submissions, Wyze states they can’t identify the issue and poses several (fairly basic) questions to the community.
  • The community provides additional information; in some cases, directly answering the questions.
  • Wyze provides no substantive update regarding this issue. The only response we get back is an experienced member of the Wyze community blaming users for not giving Wyze the information they need.

carverofchoice: I recognize you’re a user like us; but I don’t think the problem is the community not responding to a specific set of questions in a specific forum … the problem is Wyze has had a serious stability problem in their flagship security product FOR A MONTH NOW … and they either don’t have the expertise to identify the problem and/or they’re not being transparent with their customers about the severity of the issue.


That’s not what I meant to imply, I just meant that wyze has been asking about those for 2 weeks and very few people responded to the post where they asked those questions.

Safe badge does not unlock, even though it is a connectable device. This is the case if setting up the device on Android or iOS

Android Log ID 506809

iOS Log ID 506760

It also appears as if the V2 Plug does not unlock the plug Badge for those that only have the v2 plug.

Would also love to see a way to unlock the non-connectable device badges


Why does your screenshot seem to imply you don’t have the HMS or outdoor plug at the top? Are you slacking on me so I can win the badge contest between us?

Yes Wyze, please fix the badges to all work right. Some of us want to rub it in each other’s faces in friendly competition that we have more than R.Good… On a related feature request note, it would be awesome if the badges had a count number on them for how many of each we had… But please at least fix the bugs so they work in the first place.

On the bright side, with so many badges not working right, anytime @R.Good is beating me on badges, I can just blame it on the bugs and not reality, so I’ll call that a win-win for now.

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Cause you can’t get them all in one shot… don’t fret though

Pay no attention to that sprinkler badge…

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Anyone trying to set a Person Detection rule on their VDBPro? i.e. Person Detected, turn on porch light?

Anybody with ANY feedback on setting Person Detection rules on their doorbells?

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@Earl.Automation I checked this out for you and you are right, it is not working.

Today was my first attempt at using a Person Detection trigger rule with the Video Doorbell Pro. I did have Cam Plus on it. I created a rule for it (to turn on lights), and then tested the rule multiple times. It did not function at all. It did not even show up in the rules history as attempting to run or failing to run. It’s as if it doesn’t exist. I’ve submitted a Log to help out. This is pretty far down the list now, but maybe @QiS can look into this for us anyway?

Log #527845

Should have occurred at 1:47pm MDT, 1:48pm MDT, 1:59pm MDT. I checked the events and they all detected a person (me) on the VDBPro, and the rule is set up, but the rule did not run, nor attempt to run and fail. It just did nothing.


Events Screenshot showing when VDB detected a “person” and should have run the Person Detection Rule:

Rules History showing there was no attempt for that rule for any of those event times:

I hope that helps Qsun (or someone else) figure out what’s going on if he gets a chance to look into it.

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@carverofchoice I love you. Can we run away together?

You have detailed the same thing I’m seeing very well.

How about Friendly Face Detection? The V3 in my house does it perfectly. The basic Doorbell was doing it. VDBPro is not for me. You?


That is correct., no friendly faces on the VDBPro yet, though I don’t think that is a bug. Wyze has stated that they are probably going to limit Friendly Faces to Cam Plus Pro soon, and Cam Plus Pro is intended to be for cams being used indoors, so I am not confident Wyze will make the extra effort to make it compatible on the VDBPro any time soon.

Several of us have begged them to at least make it available on Video Doorbells though because that’s one of the main places people want facial recognition, so we’ll have to see what they do. We’re also asking them to consider keeping it available for the regular HMS.

Right now we don’t really know for sure what is going to happen with Friendly Faces now that the pilot testing of it is basically complete. Hopefully they find a way to reduce their costs enough to keep it with all devices using regular Cam Plus, especially for the doorbell cams because I really like it.

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This is an excellence explanation. Thank You.

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Hi, everyone!

The Fix-It Friday summary post will be going out tomorrow! Gathered all the info and just realized that it’s half an hour after I’m supposed to get out of here. So that’s my first priority for tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!


@milehiguy while it would seem that you may find your way to your six foot deep final resting place before me based on the amount of times the earth notates around the sun, there other factors in this game of life that might get me to that finish-line before you.

Either way, I think we have the potential to both be taking a dirt nap before the Feature That Shall Not Be Named ever finds it’s way to the Wyze App.


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We shall name it each and every Fix-It Friday until the end of time so…

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Hi, everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Fix-It Friday follow-up! We have a new batch of top issues reported by our various communities for us to chase down. But first, we saw some feature/product requests in the batch of comments again. We want to make sure that we keep these events focused on bug fixes only so we won’t be replying to the feature requests in these updates anymore. Please remember to vote for or submit feature and product requests in our official Wishlist at Wishlist - Wyze Forum.

Now let’s get started with this month’s Fix-It Friday batch! :grin:

Core - login doesn’t work on iPhone or Safari on Mac. The login link doesn’t take you to the login page :computer:

Could you please give us more information about this one? We informed the team about this but we’d like to know things like where you’re accessing the page from, where you are finding the login link that doesn’t take you to the login page, and where you find yourself after logging in.

Core - Volume on Wyze Cam v3 Events is extremely low :ear:

We’re doing internal tests for this across different operating systems. Thank you for reporting it!

Forum - When using Wyze Sense Motion Sensor, the Wyze Sense Hub, and routines with Alexa, “clear for X time” does not execute a trigger :woman:

For this one, we would love to have a log and hub firmware version so we can look into it. Please recreate the issue and then send in a log that includes the date, time, and time zone of the trigger failure as well as a detailed description of your routine and which parts worked versus didn’t work. Please post the log number here when you have it so we can send it to the team!

Reddit - After a modem/router reboot, devices like Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Video Doorbell don’t reconnect on their own for days when other devices perform as expected :camera:

The Wyze Cam v3 portion is a known issue. We have a larger firmware redesign coming later for Wyze Cam v3 that will include the fix that we’ve already prepared. We’ll follow up to make sure Wyze Video Doorbell gets this fix as well.

Discord - AI detection is identifying still objects in-frame when regular motion is detected :oncoming_automobile:

We are already working on moving object detection! But this is a very large undertaking that will take place over the coming months. We’ll provide updates when we have them. In the meantime, you may want to try using motion detection zones to narrow the detection area or turn off a specific AI detection type if you want to reduce your unwanted notifications.

Discord - Slow Alexa announcement of Person Detected from outdoor cameras :walking_man:

We told the team about this and we’ll be following up. We’ll let you know if we have any questions as we work on this report.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Wyze Sense Hub firmware causes issues with Rules and notifications or frequent rebooting :mechanic:

Tunes will be fixed in an upcoming firmware update! And we are continuing to triage the remaining issues. We’ll be requesting some specific rebooting Wyze Sense Hubs back as a return/replace so we can get a hands-on look at what happened with the hub.

Wizard chat ends when navigating to the main app page :speaking_head:

We’re still holding off on starting the SMS support test until our support volume goes back to more manageable levels and we’re confident we can adequately staff the test and get good data. Our support levels are still significantly higher than usual but we are seeing a reduction that keeps us confident about starting the test in mid-April. We’ll keep you posted!

Wyze Plug 2021 (Certified For Humans) version going offline :electric_plug:

We’ll be releasing new beta firmware on Wednesday to address this. If we don’t find blocking issues with it, we’ll release this version to the public after testing. Thank you for your patience!

Wyze Bulb Color has random color changes :bulb:

We haven’t received any logs displaying this. So far, all of our logs are displaying correct behavior and we haven’t been hearing more about this since we started talking about it in these updates. Because of this, we’re going to give this one more callout but will remove it from future follow-ups if we don’t hear from impacted people. Here’s the log request again!

We’re looking into this and discussing it with the PM. If you could send in logs after experiencing this, we’d really appreciate the help! This is a possible firmware issue and we have one employee that experienced something that may be this issue. She was able to fix it by resetting the bulb but please send a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log first! Then please post that log number here.

Event recording turning itself off :eyes:

Last call for this one, too! We haven’t been hearing about it in a while. If we don’t hear back about the recording setting turning itself off, we’ll remove it from the future follow-ups. Here’s the call for information one last time:

Could you please tell us which app version this is happening on? We’d like to dig into this but will need more information. It’s probably a good idea to recreate this and send in a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log while you’re at it. Best results happen if you post the log numbers here so we can report them together with your description.

Slow loading for Wyze Cam Outdoor :snail:

We released a fix to the public for this in version and it looks like this did the trick! We are removing this entry from our updates.

Alright! That wraps it up for this week’s Fix-It Friday follow-up! We look forward to working through the bugs that bug ya and letting you know how it’s going throughout the rest of the month.

See ya later! :wave:

(Did the emojis add anything? I took a leaf from Jimmy’s book because I was concerned that this looked like a daunting block of text otherwise.)


@WyzeGwendolyn, thanks for the update!

Clarification please… Am I to assume that because the issue I submitted was not included in the update that it is infact a feature request and that the developers have intentionally disabled access to playback from Events launched from notifications?

If so, can I get an @Mods assist to teleport my post over to the wishlist.


Home Automation Hub Dedicated for Sensors not associated to Home Monitoring Services
Problem: A Clear Motion for X minutes Trigger does not execute turning off a 3rd party light switch Using the Wyze V2 Motion Sensor Associated to the Wyze Sense Hub with Alexa Routines.
Wyze Sense Hub Firmware:
Log ID: 530884
Date: 4/5/2022
Time: between 1832 ET and 1915 ET

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I think it is a coincidence. This exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with the Wyze Alexa Skill. I re-authenticated and everything was fine. I saw the same thing from a few others before me too. So it seems like since it didn’t happen to everyone all at once it was based on time of previous authentication or something.

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I believe your submission is definitely a bug, not a feature request. I can’t say for certain why your issue wasn’t included in this Fix It Friday report, maybe the other one had more votes temporarily whenever they checked it (long before the response happened)…or perhaps there’s another reason they’re giving the other one priority for now (perceived as more critical functionality in some way), or some kind of triage prioritizing. I’m just guessing. But what you are asking for shouldn’t be a wishlist item (feature request) in my opinion, it is well demonstrated to be a bug where it is not performing as was intended or designed.

Keep in mind that while they usually only pick one or 2 Fix It Friday submissions to report on, publicly, they have frequently addressed and fixed several others that were also submitted even though they didn’t include them for a public report, so it is possible someone will still look into it (and hopefully they do).

I think you gave a great example with clear documentation and pictures showing a worthy bug submission :+1: I guess only Gwendolyn can fully answer your question, but you did find and make a great submission IMO.