Fix-It Friday 4/1/22

There has to be a better way to log these bugs and issues thru a reportable tracking system that can publish clear receipt, acknowledgement, decision, status, and outcome.

Back in the day (15 ya) we had an IT\IS Support System Tracker that would publish every submitted ticket issue\bug\problem into a web accessible chronological report showing all of this. We had gatekeepers who reviewed every ticket, triaged, and categorized. Similar tickets were grouped into the same header together under whatever hardware\software category they fit into. Any system user could view any ticket or issue header to see what the current status was, read the update notes, see the aging progression, see if it was closed, still open, referred etc. It could be filtered by OS, platform, program, hardware, equipment, status, age, location etc. If it was an isolated user issue it got kicked back by the gatekeeper for local tech support, but if it was a system issue, it got logged and referred to the proper team lead for action and updating. But, it’s main function was to keep the users informed and not in the dark. It also helped our teams focus on fixing and not constant user chatter looking for updates and questioning status.

While this Fix it Friday system is an improvement to get issues voiced, it has to be a nightmare to manage on the Wyze side. I know from this end there are more questions than answers. Having a reportable tracker would also solve the questions of which issues make the cut and which ones don’t.

Just one has-been’s opinion.

Thanks for the reply!


Am I the only one having issues with my eight WCO’s in two groups? This bug didn’t get any mention by @WyzeGwendolyn

I still can’t view WCO’s unless they are NOT in a group.


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Thanks for the tag! I agree with @carverofchoice that it wouldn’t be a wishlist request, because the function or feature is there, it’s just not working right. If there was not any button or no way to warp to playback, then that would be a wishlist style item to implement it. Carver has I believe a good explanation (like always :slight_smile: )


Agreed this is still a problem and a very annoying one at that. I never had this issue before the latest firmware update. Whatever they changed to make it load in faster seems like it has conflicting performance when a group is involved.

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One more for good measure

Home Automation Hub Dedicated for Sensors not associated to Home Monitoring Services
Problem: A Clear Motion for X minutes Trigger does not execute turning off a 3rd party light switch Using the Wyze V2 Motion Sensor Associated to the Wyze Sense Hub with Alexa Routines.
Wyze Sense Hub Firmware:
Log ID: 531644
Date: 4/6/2022
Time: between 0757 ET and 0835 ET

Alexa Routine in question

V2 motion sensor last detected motion at 0757 ET

After room was clear for 30 minutes, the routine never triggered the light switch off and fan off commands.

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@WyzeGwendolyn as expected, you did not even mention the feature we shall not name or even mention my one request just to fix the bare minimum we are asking for - adding that missing Back button here.


2 reasons:

  1. They try to limit it to addressing only 1 bug…(but will sometimes make an exception for 2 bugs) per platform, usually the most voted on bug, but possibly (I’m assuming) slightly based on severity in some cases. This time they picked the one about the sensor clear for X time which had more votes and was interfering with some people’s critical automations. If they had picked a second one it almost definitely would’ve been SlabSlayer’s event playback linking bug since it was highly voted on, and even that one was not addressed, so it really is nothing personal.

  2. I think the issue you presented is being viewed as a feature request instead of a bug. Currently I can view a group of cams in landscape, and then hit back (on Android) and it does function to go back as expected, but pressing back puts me back into portrait view. I don’t think this is considered a bug though, so even if it had the most votes, I think there is a high likelihood they wouldn’t have addressed it since they told us they would no longer address any feature requests as part of fix it friday and that we should continue to address them in the wishlist (and things like fireside or AMA events where they will sometimes talk about or respond to feature requests):

If it isn’t already a wishlist item, you could create it, and I am sure lots of people would happily vote on it since lots of us would love landscape improvements, including for this. Also, you can have someone bring it up in chats at the fireside events or the Ask Me Anything (AMA) events they do throughout the year. Those are places where I have had success getting responses about features I want.

I think this is where we would disagree on the definition.

To give the story, I did once ask Support about this bug, and was directed to the forums and its wishlist instead. Not even considering that as a bug. I did post my “wish” and it was pretty much quickly lumped into the monstrous and old Lanscape View for Tablets subject, therefore totally diluted.

I can’t agree that is not a bug. It is an obvious missing feature that we are expecting to have.
And to comment on your note “the Back button exists on Android and is working”, I would disagree, as the Android Back button here do not ACTUALLY go back… just switch the display of the camera group to portrait… which is useless (tested on my Samsung S21 phone), as the sensor is still telling the app “He! I am in landscape mode”, and the display turn back pretty instantly to landscape, faster than you can react to click the back button that is strangely exist in that mode. That is a bug as well? It does not help at all here…

So, it is a bug to me as it is impairing my way of using the app - and I am not talking about the fact most of the UI is locked into portrait mode. Just that one missing button,
So be sure I will keep reporting it as such each and every Fix-it Friday until it is fixed or I am fed up and move to another camera system - which would be a shame, the product is good, it is only affected by an insufficient work made on the front-end app of it.

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I can see where you are coming from, and from a certain point of view I can understand it in the context of a bug as you are explaining instead of as a feature.

In one of the Fix-It-Fridays they did indicate they were looking into some app design improvements, so hopefully that is something that will be addressed as they go through it. I am usually active in their AMA events, so the next time one comes around, if you remind me I will be happy to bring it up there (unless you do it yourself of course). I am always supportive of such improvements. :+1:

When is that AMA event expected to be next (roughly) ?
I will attempt to make my case here or remind you, depending if I can make it or not.

And we obviously have 2 distinct situation to consider here – the Android Back button that is not going back, and the fact on Apple device, there is no such thing to rely on in the first place…

I am not sure when the next one will be, they usually tell us like 1-4 weeks in advance and they often do them on Reddit or Youtube, and they do a “Live Fireside” on Discord once in a while and will answer some questions too. Reddit AMA’s seem to be the most effective for getting answers about feature requests. They’ll usually post a notice in the forum when they’re going to do one so we’ll just have to keep an eye out. They happen a few times per year usually.

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Briefly, V3 cameras send notifications for movement outside of the detection zones - like WAY outside of the zones! Annoying! Any suggestions (besides disabling notifications)?

Turn on motion tagging and on next trigger go to the event. Whatever triggered the alert should be highlighted with a yellow box round it

Oh, I had motion tagging on. It helped confirm just how far outside of the detection zone the motion was!!

Do they normally occur during ‘normal business hours’, when most folks are at work? If so, perhaps they can do one of these events on a Saturday, or after 6pm PST to allow the EST folks a 9pm time?

I’d love to participate.


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It varies, but even if it is a weekday during business hours, it is not uncommon on the Reddit ones for them to allow people to start submitting questions before it even starts, and sometimes they will even come back in the evening or the next day and answer some that were asked later, but some of that depends on the person or team conducting the AMA.

Granted they can be selective about which questions to choose or not (for example if 10 people ask the same question, they might answer it once and spend the time answering a new question instead, or sometimes if it’s an AMA from one specific team and the question is about a totally different subject that they don’t even know anything about, then they might skip it), but it’s not uncommon for me to ask like 8 questions and have 5 answered, even totally unrelated questions to their team’s expertise. Like I asked the Cam Plus and AI team to make a statement about their relationship with Hualai and Xiaomi, and the AI team still answered my questions even though it was totally unrelated to their team. So they really will answer almost anything if it’s reasonable and they know something about it. I really enjoy those events and learn a lot.

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@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeJasonJ

Fix-It Friday 4/8/22 ?

I did a search and haven’t seen it posted yet.

thank you,

Hi @nixhome2020

The fix it Fridays are scheduled for the first Friday of the month.


Need to scroll up and read the 1st post of this topic you are reading:

This procedural change was stated in the 3/4/22 topic, post #19.


Well, that explains it clearly, thank you.

I didn’t realize it was just the first Friday of the month.