Firmware update from 1.6.113 to 1.6.199 bricked my vacuum?!

Open the app today and it notified me that there’s a new firmware update from 1.6.113 > 1.6.199. So, I click the update button. Now, it has been over 2 hrs and both the home & power buttons are still blinking. I re-opened the app and it prompts me to update again (the same screen & firmware). Obviously, the vacuum isn’t responding to anything…what can or should I do? Please help.

I created a system log and the number is 960142

Hmmm, these vacuums do not have a micro SD slot, so can’t use a card to manually reload an older/more stable version, huh? Hmm, good to know.

Have you contacted Wyze and obtained a Ticket Number? If not, make sure you do.

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Have you gone thru the troubleshooting steps and done a factory reset on the vacuum before doing the setup again? Don’t delete it from the app, just reinstall. Factory Reset is Step #15:

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So, here’s my update.

After waiting 3 hrs for the vacuum to update (both lights are blinking), I created a log data & ID. Then I call the phone support. Waited like 15 min and Rysha (Wyze support) picked up the call. She troubleshoot the issue with me, including resetting the machine (by holding the home button for 5 sec). Of course, the vacuum is already bricked and not responding to reset. She then asked me to provide my purchase receipt and device info. Then she submitted a request to replace my machine.

Later in the day, another support reached out to me stating the machine is on back order and will send one out to me when it’s in stock. He told me it should restock in 7 business days. Then this morning, the 2nd support guy reached out to me again and offered to give me $165 Wyze gift card because the machine is not in stock. Since I purchased the vacuum at Walmart, they can’t give me money back directly. The thing is, this offer is ridiculous.

Currently, the vacuum is listed at $314.99 and on sale for $293.99. If I take up on his offer, I’ll be out of pocket of $149.99 + tax when the vacuum is in stock again. And, Walmart (not 3rd party) is selling it for $149.00 and will ship one to me tomorrow! Robot or human?

I wrote back to the guy and haven’t heard anything back from them. I’m a little worried and the vacuum is still under warranty (bought it back in June 2022).

thanks and I reached out to their phone support. I went through the troubleshooting process and the vacuum isn’t responding to any button clicks. They offered to send a replacement to me but it’s currently OOS. Then this morning, they offered to give me $165 in wyze gfit card, which isn’t a good solution for the customer. The vaccum is listed as $293.99 on their site and $165 won’t cover the cost when it is in stock. So, I’m kind of stuck at this moment. :sob:

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Could you get the ticket number of this conversation you just had.

My ticket number is 2861688. Thanks for your help

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Identical thing happened to me this week. Went to update the firmware and – Bricked. Cannot factory reset. Just continues pulsing white. I emailed Wyze early in the week. Got a list of things to try. Did them all. Nothing worked. Used 5G. Logged out, logged back in. Removed the app, installed clean to make sure up to date. Nothing worked. And factory reset won’t work either. Called tech support. Repeated all the steps with him on the line. Of course to no avail. Then he said he’d transfer me to Dev team via email. Wasted several hours. Have been offered no solution.

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This may not have any affect on the new setup if the factory reset procedure isn’t resetting properly. But after trying to do the factory reset, when reinstalling, make sure the device is connected to the same 2.4GHz network, Bluetooth and GPS are on, and you must disable your Mobile Data.

If it is truly bricked from an incomplete firmware update, it isn’t going to matter. But if there is still working firmware in there it may make the difference after a firmware update.

Can you turn it off while in this state?

Either way, as a last resort, disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds could help get it out of a bad state if the firmware is still workable.

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I did this as instructured. Appears to have worked. At least it’s back to working. Update doesn’t appear to have gone through, but I’m okay with that.

I’ll just avoid the update until 1.6.2 comes out and hope for the best.

it did actually update to 1.6.199
Now it’s asking me if I want to update to 1.6.2+

I might just let it try to update since I already have the tools out. I’m a fool.

Since I had my tiny screwdriver at the ready, I let it update from 1.6.199 to 1.6.202. That update worked properly.


Update on March 14, 2023.

Received another response from Wyze support team. It said since Wyze is selling a different firmware version than Walmart, Rodrigo (Wyze support) said there’s no estimate on when the new units will arrive. It makes me wonder if Walmart units have newer hardware then Wyze’s stock units?!

On the hardware end, since the machine was bricked, I decided to do some experiment. Out of pure luck, I was able to restart the machine and got the buttons to respond to reset. I removed the vacuum from the charger for a few minutes. Then I held both buttons down for 10 seconds. Then the blinking white lights stopped blinking. And put it back on the charger. and I was able to reset the vacuum. Once it was reconnected to the app after the full reset, the vacuum actually updated to 1.6.199, same experience as @jepabst . Then it immediately asked me to update to 1.6.202. That update went smoothly, and the vacuum supports spot cleaning & multi-floor.

I hope that helps if you are experiencing the same issue. As for the Wyze support team…you can be the judge yourself here.


Apparently the STYJ02YM / STYTJ02YM the Wyze vac is based on is prone to getting stuck during updates. At least the Wyze is a lot easier to get unstuck.

I wonder how many “bricked” units got replaced/trashed unnecessarily. Need to find the best way to hard reboot this device and get that into the update/troubleshooting guide(s).

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I just bricked my previously working (daily for over a year) robot vacuum due to this stupid update that wyze keeps telling me to update on its app, and contacting them they keep telling me like it was my fault for doing it and that they no longer cover the device due to it being purchased over a year and warranty period is no longer applicable

Looking here it shows that it’s not an isolated incident. This is utterly irresponsible of them, putting aside bad firmware/software engineering and a lack of testing before releasing irreversible updates, and the added work the hundreds or thousands of customers are being put through, and the fact that their customer service reps wont recognize that this is a problem on their end, they’re producing massive amount of e-waste with this update.

they’re risking eroding trust on their overall brand too, i have like 5 other cams and have no issues with them, but this is creating a huge dent on their corporate brand

Check to see if the experience by others can help, I’ve recorded links to these here:

Well, I know all of those are in this thread atm.

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This worked for me. 1) in the Wyze app on my phone, left the beta test group or whatever (I optionally entered it a long time ago). 2) uninstalled Wyze app from phone. 3) removed and then reinstalled battery as described here. 4) turned the vacuum on. 5) reinstalled the Wyze app on my phone 6) turned mobile data on my phone off 7) paired the vacuum and my phone. Did an initial mapping and then a normal vacuum job. Still has firmware 1.6.202 but not going rogue anymore.


I jumped the gun on my last post about success.
My Wyze vacuum did map out and vacuum my living room like it used to.

Now, I tried the “add a floor” option so I could map/vacuum the rest of my house minus the sunken living room. Vacuum drove around (not in circles) looking around the floor, recognized that it did not recognize the map and proceeded to map. Vacuum’s mapping is back to nonsensical circles -

and so is it’s cleaning -

Then, I put the charger and the vacuum back into the sunken living room in it’s old spot and told it to clean and it’s back to nonsensical circles there too

So irritating!

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Well, I was so happy to find this thread. Mine bricked on firmware update two days ago. Same symptoms. Sadly, removing the battery did not seem to help still flashing both buttons white. I have a ticket open with support. Hopefully they will replace it.