Bricked Robot Vacuum

It has been 4-months since my Wyze Robot Vacuum has been bricked, once it was upgraded to firmware 1.6.202 it has become useless. It no longer finds the charger and is randomly spinning. I have deleted it from the app, I have performance a full reset. I am at whits end, It has worked flawless since November 2020, until firmware 1.6.202. I tried to contact WYZE support and they are no help because it is out of warranty. I have bought into their ecosystem with 12 cameras, door bell, watch, vacuum, plugs. This is not the way to treat a loyal customer, hopefully a future firmware doesn’t brick my cameras. Anyone please help. Thank you

I’m waiting to see what comes after 1.6.202.

I guess the question is when? I am hoping Wyze does monitor these forums and know this is an issue, because tech support is very lacking.

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Same story here. After multiple support phone calls to fix the identical issue, I was told there was nothing they could do, Wyze threw in the towel and offered me a $20 voucher as a parting gift. Very frustrating. I hope the next firmware update will fix my vacuum.

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If mine auto updates and is bricked, I’m very tempted to do a mainboard swap (seen some ~$50). It won’t be a Wyze anymore though, but at least it won’t be boot/firmware locked (hopefully).

@purchark did you find a supplier for the main board?
Thank you - B25Pilot (I think I saw it here originally)

There are a bunch of other sources, several around ~$26.

There are reported issues rooting this board model though. Most the stuff I see is based around the STYJ02YM model (viomi-v7), if you want to do the cloud replacement thing. (The one I have in mind is called Valetudo)

Or you could use whatever the app is, Xiaomi Home / Mi Home??

Adding my name to the list. My 20 month old robot vac was bricked while upgrading firmware. Went through all the troubleshooting steps, was told sorry about you no replacement no way to get it fixed and was offered a $10 gift card. I was insulted. How is it your business model to sell a $300 mechanical item with no way to get it fixed? How is it? My hardware’s fault for your crap firmware?

Careful with your cameras, I just read on this forum, where a guy had upgraded firmware on all of his, and they bricked.

They could release a re-flashing tool and associated bin files. Just need a micro-b USB cable. But I guess they have to protect some secrets/keys that would be in there.

Hell, I would pay $50 and the shipping to send it to them and just let them flash it. Instead, they want me to throw it in the trash.

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This is ridiculous, bad customer service will lead to no customer loyalty!

Same issue here. Always worked flawlessly, two days ago it updated firmware and has never worked since. It’s totally unresponsive to anything in the app or anything I’ve tried pressing or holding buttons down.

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Mine, too. She will turn off randomly. Her run was only 30 minutes so I broke it up and it did all 4 sections a fe days and now it takes turn when it stops. Sometimes it stops during the first run and other days it makes it to the third before turning off. I have to put it back on the dock to get it to turn back on.
I also contacted support and am out of warranty. I’ve sent in logs. One of the support people actually said it is a known issue but they don’t have an answer. I just hate to think that a $300 vacuum is only good for 3 years.

I wish they could just send out a firmware fix, I may be switching to a Shark Robot Vacuum

Agreed. Still waiting for Wyze to fix what they have broken. I am now in the market for a new robot vacuum. Any suggestions?

I’ve seen some references to being able to flash other firmware to the devices, with some technical ability on your part that might work. I’ve seen really good reviews of Roborock but they’re not cheap. I’m leaning towards trying a shark and reframing my mind that these are consumable devices I might have to replace every year or two and it’s still cheaper than a house cleaner or manually doing it every day.

Thanks for the heads up on alternative robot vacuums. I failed miserably at convincing myself that pushing the old upright Dyson around the house is a healthy and cathartic exercise, Still waiting for the Wyze software solution. Still waiting.

So they have everyone without a vacuum and no fixes.
Ive called and wrote and I think we are at the “lets buy a different mfg” vacuum now.

Surprised a Youtube hasnt come out yet.