Failed to load from local storage

When I go to event viewer and then select SD card, and select an event. I get the error "failed to load from SD card) and I can’t view any video. I do have the toggle set to store to sd card. I formatted the SD card with the camera app.

There is a known bug currently that is affecting a fairly small percentage of users. If you access the uSD card from the SD card button on the camera page, does that work? It should BTW. Only uSD card access from the Events page is not working.

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I wonder how small that percentage is. I also wonder if or how that might be related to a camera’s Activation Date and its relationship to the timing of changes Wyze has made to the app and their servers over time. I’ve noted in a couple of posts[1][2] that one of my Cam Pan v3s (the one with the older Activation Date) will show me the “Failed to load from local storage.” message momentarily but then begin playback anyway. Wyze has the logs and the bug reports; what they do with that information is a mystery. :man_shrugging:

  1. Fix-It Friday - April 2024 ↩︎

  2. Fix-It Friday - May 2024 ↩︎

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Is this measurable somewhere? Curious on facts gathering. I would like access to these stats so I can focus on the big issues.

No, only reports here. Many of the big time users (dozens of cameras) are reporting not seeing this problem on any of their cameras. There is some belief that it only affects certain production batches, but nothing concrete about that one - at least publicly.


Good consensus. You probably see more of the forum than I.

Not from my experience. I have trouble accessing the SD card from Live View. Only no error message. Nothing happens. If I back out and come back in, it may or may not work. Sooner or later backing out and coming back in does work. But no error messages, and probably only on the iOS app?

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