Deleting older video's

How do I DELETE OLDER VIDEOS from say, the year 2021? Deleting video’s one day at a time is very tedious!!! And, I haven’t DELETED ANY VIDEO’S, since when I first bought these camera’s in the year 2020!!!
MICHAEL 03/31/2022.

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Videos (events) are only stored for 14 days and automatically deleted after that.


And videos that are locally stored on the uSD card are deleted automatically when the uSD cad gets full.

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Yes, they automatically start to delete, but I’ve noticed if I allowed to get full and automatically delete itself the recordings begin messing up. Either by not/rarely recording anything and/or those recordings telling me that I can’t watch the video there’s an error. Regardless, I think there should be an option to delete by the day at least.

This is an old thread… With a new question. If the recordings are starting to mess up… It may be a poor or corrupted SD card.

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It may also not be the SD Card but the connection to the cam. When you open the SD Card Viewer, depending on the model you are using, take a look at the bitrate transfer speed in the upper left. If it is at 0.0 KB\s, it is most likely a WiFi connection issue rather than an SD Card issue.

I have found though, that like most things, not all SD Cards are made to the same quality standards. I only recommend High Endurance SD Cards purpose built for use in Dash Cams or Security Cams. Look for one with a warranty that covers use in these types of cams. Off brand cards will usually not have a great warranty or will have a lower recording hours life span and, from personal experience, shopping for the cheapest ones doesn’t save money in the long run. I went thru two sets of SD cards quite quickly before I figured out the problem. I have 26 cams with 40,000 hour 256GB HE SD Cards.

What brand/model of SD cards did you end up with?


Thanks. Will all of the current-prodution cameras take 256GB cards? I vaguely recall seeing a 32-GB limitation somewhere.

Format ExFAT?

(Where is a good place to read up on all things SD Card on Wyze?)

Most likely, but you should not need to care. I have NEVER needed to format a card before using in a Wyze camera.

Yes. In January 2022 Wyze purchased a license to the ExFat patent to use it on all cams to support SD Cards in excess of 32GB which are ExFat by default. 32 GB Cards are FAT32. Announced Here

The Wyze Cam V3 previously had an issue with supporting SD Cards in excess of 128GB (limited recording to 90GB). However that issue was fixed with the introduction of the 4.36.10.xxxx firmware.

I have them running in the V3, PanV1, PanV3, V3Pro and OG Cams.

The current Wyze Party Line is that the max supported card is a 256GB card, however there are users who have far exceeded that.

The cams don’t really “Format” cards… Not a true format anyway. They just wipe them. All 32GB cards come native FAT32 while 64GB and above are going to be sold ExFat. Both are compatible with the cam in their native format. However, you can reformat the cards however you want on a computer and change the file allocation size if you feel the need.

Here are some links with technical info on SD Cards. There are other links that can be found within these threads and posts.


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