Download video's more than 14 days old

We have 4 Wyze Cam V2’s with 32 SD Cards. One is focused on our garage. Someone tried to break into our garage more than 14 days ago and left a hammer and pliers on a lawn chair in our yard. The app only goes back 14 days so I can’t find a picture of the creep that left the tools. It’s 20 degrees here but I went up on a ladder took the cam out of the enclosure and got the SD card, but it only went back 14 days also. Can the cam be reset to record further back? Can I use a larger card to hold more. Winter time I don’t go in the back yard everyday.

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There is no time limit on SD recordings that I know of. Yes, a larger card can store more. It would be peculiar if the card went back exactly 14 days, but certainly possible. Is your card full?

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With the card in the camera, select view playback in the camera’s livestream. You’ll be able to view the recording.
Only SD cards up to 32 GB are officially supported, but some users have been able to use higher.
Definitely take a look at the information here too:

I just could not get any answers through Wyze so I tried the forum. The SD Card did just have 14 days on it. Is that a result of the program? Because the card had just the last 14 days it appeared to me that the 15th Day file had been erased. Because the card matched the app is there a setting I can change to allow the card to hold more? Is there an option with Wyze to purchase access to more days of recordings?

Were you looking in the “events” tab of the app? This is for the cloud storage. All Wyze cameras free 14-day cloud storage for 12-second event videos. There is a a 5 minute cool-own(gap) between clips. To have longer clips without the cool-down, you’ll need Cam Plus. There will still be a 14 day limit to video storage unless you download the video before it’s removed. There’s currently no other way to have video recoded in the cloud for a longer period of time.

You can change the video quality of the video to a lower resolution, this will save space but the quality will be lower. Take a look here for more information: