Wyze cam only records 3 days worth DVR with 32G SD Cards

My 3 Wyze cams all have 32 GB SD cards installed. I used to be able to go back 5-7 days and look at my DVRs. Now all 3 of them can only go back 3 days.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I plan to format my SD cards and see if it goes back to 5-7 days of recording.

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Did you possibly change from SD to HD recording? That would explain the difference.

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I have not changed the format recently.

I’ve also been looking all over the app to see where I can set the format. Still haven’t been able to find it. Can you point me the right way? Thanks a bunch!

I’m gonna go with Lanny on this one - something changed. I have 64GB cards in all of mine. There are a couple that the image almost never changes, and as a result, I can get over two weeks on those cameras. I did not check all of my cameras, but every one goes back to sometime between 1200 and 1900 on 27 Jan. I am watching one of those right now. It’s essentially a pitch black non-changing image and showing a data rate between 125 and 200 KB/s (in HD). That is a change. This particular camera is firmware (RTSP firmware), and app version 2.17.7 on an Android.

Hello! I love my Wyze products but I’m running into a problem with my Wyze Cams - I purchased CamPlus and installed SD cards but still get less than 4 days recording history! Help!!!