Micro SD card size

Does the 128 gb Samsung pro endurance work with wyze 3?

It probably can but Wyze only supports 32 GB by design

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I have some of those in my cams and they work fine.

They give me 10-11 days of recording in HD 24/7. The amount of time can vary based on a few factors such as if you use night vision or it seems sometimes based on how high traffic of an area it is (maybe the FPS rate is a little variable based on the amount of motion?).

But as stated above, Wyze’s official support is 32GB.


@carverofchoice, what format do you recommend be used to format the 128 gb Samsung?

Wyze cams have ALWAYS worked much more smoothly with FAT32, so I always recommend using that.
Technically Wyze upgraded their firmware to support exFAT, but I have had more problems with that than I have cards that I made into FAT32, particularly on my Pan Cam V1…it would go through spurts of working for a while then not being recognized if I used exFAT, but was always solid with FAT32.

If you want to understand a little more what the difference is or why I primarily stick to FAT32, this is one of the clearest explanations:

It also links to a program that will format large cards to the FAT32 format (which Windows doesn’t natively allow you to do).


The above is from November 2021.

I’m about to spring for some 256GB cards for my cam-pan-V3, cam_floodlight, and indoor-outdoor-cam-V3. Just wanted to circle back here first and see if it’s still true that Wyze devices work better with FAT32 than exFAT.

I’m coming up against a hard deadline to get these things deployed and I’m not sure I’ll have the time to implement and adequately test FAT32 on 256GB cards.

They now work fine on exFAT as well as FAT32 too. I do think that FAT32 runs slightly better in some ways since FAT32 runs slightly faster when it comes to reading and writing data since FAT32 has a simpler allocation system structure. I also recall something about exFAT being more prone to corruption with power outages.

Either way, the differences related to the Wyze cams are now fairly minimal. You’ll be fine with either FAT32 or exFAT. I have about half of my 40 cams on one and half on the other and don’t really notice a difference anymore. You’re now safe to do it either way. My preference for FAT32 is just a minor preference now.