Considering Mesh Systems to Improve WiFi Performance for Wyze V3's

Unfortunately the Wyze Router Pro isn’t available in Canada, so not an option for me.

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I have 4 Deco XE75 Pro mesh units running in AP mode. I’m using an ethernet backhaul with the 8 port TPLink switch. I enabled the IoT network in the Deco app and it’s set to 2.4 only. Fast Roaming, Beamforming, and OFDMA/MU-MIMO are all ENABLED. I haven’t had any issues with any of my Wyze cameras and I have 14 of them (V3, V2, PAN, and an Outdoor).

I don’t agree with disabling MESH to lock the camera to a particular AP in my case and I’ll explain why. I’m surrounded by neighbors front, back, side and i’ll say 99% of them get the internet service and don’t fool with their routers. By default, most ISP routers will reboot and reanalyze to get the best channels. This may not make sense but sometimes the closest AP yields a low signal strength due to weather conditions and the various isp routers changing frequencies, etc. By leaving the MESH option on, even though it’s a stationary device, you allow the Deco to determine which AP has the best signal to the camera because it times and analyzes the throughput and that’s what it will assign to the camera.

Here’s a great example, i have a camera in the garage and one outside the garage door in the top corner. My Dining Room AP is literally 15 to 20 feet away, however, it’s assigned to the Family Room AP. At first, i was like what??? so i manually set things like you did and periodically checked. Signal strength fluctuated throughout the day due to weather, etc. By leaving it on MESH and allowing the Deco to move it to another AP, signal has always been great.

While I agree with you 100% that if something is stationary, like light switches, etc. they should therefore connect with the closest AP. But… after a ton of testing, it’s best to let the Deco you periodically reach out to it and steer it to another.

By the way, I do have my deco’s mounted high on the walls with about a 6 inch gap from ceiling to the top of the unit. Initially i placed them wherever I could that was high, but opted to just buy the mounts and mount them all at the same height. So that it all looks nice, i added an electrical outlet with an inexpensive Adama 1 gang box (real easy to install) and to solve the wired ethernet, i added another flush mount kit with premade plenum cabling up to the attic (since it’s literally 6 - 7 inches up on the wall and have them dropping down to a centralized location where I have the switch.

I originally had the Airi mesh system (4 AP’s), and i repurposed them to overwhelm, so to speak, all the neighbor routers to stay away from my channels by mounting the Airi’s on the inside of an outer wall. And I separated the 2.4 and 5 channels so I could assign them near frequencies I didn’t want to interfere. Sounds crazy, but I have no problems. Airi mesh controls all the switches, etc. while my Decos handle all camera’s and anything else like 4K max Firesticks, tv’s and anything else that streams.

Note the MAC addresses of everything and set up filters to only allow the mac addresses you enter for that extra layer of security.

The Deco’s are great, but I don’t like the limited functions without signing up for HomeShield, and limited control you have. That’s why mine are all set up as AP’s and I let my router do it’s thing. If you do not have a wired backhaul, do yourself a huge favor and set it up. You can thank me later. Mucho Fast!!! Cheers!


Thanks so much DC! I just spotted a comment on a TPLink forum suggesting a lot of devices like the Wzye cams just can’t handle dual bandwidth networks. So I’ve now set my primary to 2.4ghz only (where all my Wyze cams and smart home devices live) and turned my guest into 2.4ghz/5ghz dual band for our phones, etc., and the problems disappeared. I’ll follow your advice and turn mesh back on for all the devices, and enable beamforming and fast roaming. I do have wired backhaul on the Deco in my office. You’re right… well worth it. It’s probably 150 to 200 mbps faster that the wireless 6ghz backhaul.

I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I feel like I’ve been banging my head against the wall for 3 days now! Hopefully this saves someone else from going through this hassle!

Thanks again!


Woohoo! :trophy: @DCinFL

This exchange makes me think it would be useful to poll all the Mods & Mavens for the brands/models they are currently using successfully and start a Router Deep Dive topic with the mother post linking to brand/model specific topics created by the Mods, Mavens and eventually other super users saturated with the arcane knowledge born of experience where happy fixes like this could populate.

Put the Wyze product at top - what the hell, it’s their forum - and let it compete (based on reports of real use and technical substance) in a centralized space with its peers.

:thinking:  :slight_smile:


Mesh stuff that works (flawlessly) for me (single family 3-level structure, multiple FIOS fiber feeds):

  • Google WiFi
  • Google Nest WiFi
  • Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E
  • Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro
  • and a hideous amount of NETGEAR mesh products

Stuff that doesn’t work (frequent, random connectivity issues with Wyze gear):

  • all Verizon and Comcast supplied comm gear

Eero Mesh works for me.

Orbi Mesh did not.

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You’re very welcome. I’m glad I could provide some help. In actuality, you can also use your guest wifi as well to put other specific equipment on as well. :wink: I wasn’t sure if you knew that. I wasn’t sure if you had your DECO’s mounted or on a desk, but I highly advise mounting on the wall up high. The signals broadcast downward. Cheers! :beer:

On a side note for others, don’t forget that on 2.4ghz, you have channel width. Ie. 20MHz, 40MHz, and 20Mhz/40Mhz depending on equipment. If you set your router to “20/40” (if applicable), it will allow the router to automatically switch bandwidth if it detects interference during it’s period signal quality checks if the typical user doesn’t fool with the settings and leave everything on AUTO.

I forgot to mention that for those who have FIOS, you can turn your coax ports into Ethernet ports with a MOCA adapter. That’s like a wired connection directly to the router to connect an AP to instead of running wires. (Personally, i prefer to run wire, but it’s a simple way for those who don’t wish to bother too much with things.)

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UPDATE (will they never end?)

The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh router, two nodes, now serves eight v2s to the Wyze app smoothly and stably, both singly and in portrait and landscape groups.

Turns out the TP-Link app Optimize Network function (choosing ‘best’ 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz channels to avoid detected interference) was somehow borking the 5 Ghz band instead, forcing my Android 10 phone to cycle quickly between 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz connections (settling on 2.4) experienced as intermittent connectivity of the phone and cams, and apparently, bad or unavailable 5 Ghz wireless backhaul.

Rebooting the Deco network (both nodes) and phone sorted out the 5 Ghz bork (which would not be unborked without it) optimizing channels in the bargain.

So apparently not my cheap-ass phone’s fault after all:

It’s been 1-1/2 years since I’ve been here. My Wyze camera family and TPLink system has grown some. 36 or so cameras, mix of all models, all my 14 Decos are M5.
Most I do allow mesh to sort connections, but a few really like to be tied to a particular source Deco.
Considering the huge area I’m covering it’s magic that it works well. Very few hiccups now.
I’ve just recently tried the new OG cams. Amazing for the price, but they don’t intergrate well into the Wyze app as far as reviewing events. Still working on that…

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I reported an issue with the Deco app feature where you assign it to a particular AP and it connects to something else. Let’s see what they say. Really wish they updated the APP giving you the option so that you can assign the AP’s to whatever channel you want.

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Have you met this cool :smile_cat: ?

You could exchange war stories.image

Though I think you’ve got him beat with 14 nodes on the mesh.

I wonder if there’s any special difficulty in designing a system to serve well both very limited and virtually unlimited scenarios - like my minimal, and your maximal, examples.

In any case, I’ll bet engineers get more excited by a full orchestra than a jazz quintet exercising their ‘instruments.’ :slight_smile:

Let us know. :slight_smile:

Just read the 40 cams post… if i understand it correctly, he’s referring to “uploading” compressed info. Connectivity and actually streaming from a server are 2 different animals. Watching the cams on the local network will always be faster, Ya gotta remember, the cams are on 2.4g which is slow to begin with. If carverofchoice is correct about BS obtaining the videos locally then he’s correct IMO.

Isn’t ComCast cable modem? If so, that’s shared bandwidth with the neighborhood.

Need more info like, what system the person is using, dedicated GPU?, amount of RAM, QOS router settings, etc.

I believe BlueIris and running RTSP on the cams is the way to go versus an android emulator. I used to use Tiny Cam Pro (android) and loved it. This is prior to the existence of Wyze. It displayed from the local network and supports a ton of cams.

In answer to your question regarding designing a system, i would go by “MAX” numbers to determine what hardware will be needed; that will cover your whole range. As for “over 300 total Wyze devices”, i gotta go hmmmm… Let’s say one has an ASUS - RT-AX82U AX5400 Dual-Band WiFi 6 Router, well, that device can only handle 64 connected devices…

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Hey DC

It’s not very clear, but I was suggesting that with the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus (and maybe the earlier M5) they are conceding that the ‘mesh’ setting and programming is better designed for a device ‘orchestra’ than an eccentric ‘quintet’ like mine.

Maybe the user is better equipped in some cases to fit the system to the situation than fancy dancy auto-logic. At least he can be given the opton to contribute based on real world observations.

Engineer’s ideal:

Secondly, we need to reiterate what is the point of having a whole mesh Wi-Fi system in your network. The whole point of mesh networks is to give a seamless, unfettered, and performant experience for wireless networking, and thus a mesh network is “self-configuring” and “self-healing”, the network automatically incorporates a new node into the existing structure without needing any adjustments manually by a network administrator and it automatically finds the fastest and most reliable paths to send data. If you change the wireless channel on the Deco nodes manually, it may give you the risk of losing the other Deco nodes and thus ruin your Deco system, you may need to start over again to reconfigure them.   TP-Link Support, late 2020

Evidence of concession:

I was also thinking that the mesh logic of your newer, high-end Deco XE75 Pro is way more sophisticated than that of my M9. Though @woodyk34 's report of the even older M5 meshing nice with 14 nodes and sundry devices undercuts that thought a bit. :slight_smile:

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Is Wyze bundling their new mesh routers with cams and systems yet?

If the devices really are a drop-in solution to connectivity issues, it seems likely they’ll virtually give them away as the foundation of a big Wyze ecosystem.

Hey, 30 day return policy, waddaya got to lose (but time and calories?) :slight_smile:

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Nah… not yet… lol. I’ll stick with companies who have been making networking products for years.

As for seamless integration, well,… that would be provided IF all devices had the latest firmware that spoke the lingo of the controller (WLC - wireless lan controller). To be fair, there’s such a wide range of network adapters/controllers out there, it’s hard to ensure everything will be seamless because that would mean the companies would need to update firmware as conflicts are found.

You want guaranteed (literally), hassle free integration with no connectivity issues… wired is the way to go! :slight_smile: But… everything is wireless these days… hence the importance of the wired backhaul.

I’m willing to test that Wyze, eero looking mesh router pro out if they’d like to send me one. :grin:

I will do everything in my power to facilitate this request. Done. Did it work? :grin:

Nope… connectivity error! :grin:

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