Wyze app - Add an animated icon to live stream to indicate active stream

I think you are asking way to much from Wyze programmers. They can’t figure out dark and landscape mode and you are throwing another wrench at them. Have mercy brother :rofl:

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Maybe it’s the beat of a butterfly wing that’ll push the whole thing over?



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I converted your Cameras topic to a wishlist request. Something to consider… if an animated icon is overlayed on the stream, the Wyze app would have to “smart” enough to know when stream is “frozen” and remove icon or replace with static icon. Shouldn’t be difficult to code for active/non-active stream conditions.

Let know know if you want the title of this wishlist request changed to something else. :+1:

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After putting a little thought into this, it’s probably not going to work well. If the app knows the stream is severed, it tries to reconnect 3 times. After the 3rd time, the app overlays an error. What we’re asking for would require the app to replace the animated icon with a static icon not only after the 3rd try, but also be smart enough to do the same for the outlier conditions that did not involve 3 retries. IOW, be smart enough to account for what currently hasn’t been accounted for. Which is the equivalent of just fixing an app bug. If not a bug, the app would currently display some type of error on the frozen stream. Even if Wyze adds a “finally” block to the connection exception handling, it probably won’t hit because it looks like there are conditions where the app isn’t even aware of the true stream status. Not sure if I’m making sense to anyone. :upside_down_face:

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Nope, seems clear enough to me, could change it if something better occurs down the road, I guess. :slight_smile:

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Seems to me (a non-programmer) that if they can overlay the bitrate display (shaded) on the livestream of a cam viewed singly…


…it would be trivial to do so on the livestreams of each cam displayed in a group?

Nah, probably not (ref comment just above :wink: )

I’m not wedded in the least to the idea of an icon. I like tinyCam’s application (with fps bonus!) :+1:

They should do exactly that, imo, and soon. :clock1:

I just spent a few days squinting and cursing at timestamps in Wyze app cam groups because tinyCam was broke at the dev-level (now fixed.) They should hire Alex back and make him do it. What were they thinking letting him go?? :grin:

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Yep… if bitrate = 0 for X seconds, display static inactive icon instead of animated active icon. :+1:

I’m not sure why they remove bitrate from group displays. I’m sure they have a good reason and would love to hear it.

And +1 to tinyCam approach. :+1:

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I think it would be easiest if this icon was generated and rendered by the camera (like the timestamp), so if the stream freezes the icon will also freeze.

I use the timestamp to tell if the stream is working, because if it stops counting I can tell it froze. This would work exactly the same just be purpose built and a bit easier to see.


Dept of Belabor

The bitrate display updates once per second in both tinyCam and Wyze apps. The timestamp in the Wyze app also updates once per second - when the livestream is flowing fully and freely.

When the stream falters or stops, you see it in a second with the bitrate. With the timestamp, increments display sporadically when it falters. When it fails, it freezes, and stays frozen for ~10 seconds before error - an interminably long time to just stare.

tinyCam starts out at 0/0, the whole shaded block expands to accomodate the numbers when streaming begins: a general indicator for each cam’s status as a component of the group when viewing it more as a whole.

When bitrate stays at 0 for ~8 seconds, the cached image disappears, replaced by a dark grey field. In the background the sofware is trying to revive the connection (intra-lan?), because the live stream often restarts.

After about thirty seconds without success reviving, an error is displayed, then it automatically does something more extreme (reauthenticate?) which often brings connectivity back.

Additionally, ‘stale’ cached images (over 1 min old?) are displayed grayscale when accessing a cam or screen group - changing to color as streaming succeeds.

I think with tinyCam, form follows function; its visual design is pleasing but it’s not ‘flash’. Maybe it was coded and designed by a single individual who used the UI like a demon daily for years?

Whereas, the Wyze app, coded by an engineering ‘team’, visually designed by a design ‘team,’ in collaboration with a branding ‘team’?

I donno.

Aesthetic and/or branding considerations seem primary at times. Like the cyan/white splash screen and app color scheme? Maybe they’re trying to maintain an Apple level ‘slick rich,’ hiding homely tech guts, masking the ‘stuff that gets things done?’


This topic seems not to be a big thing for most folks. (Look at ol’ @tbagcam 's worthy topic, still stuck on ‘Maybe later’ some five years on.)

  • They’re young(er) and their eyes are good?
  • Things stream solidly and they seldom need to reference an indicator?
  • They don’t use groups or view things in landscape primarily like me?
  • ?

P.S.  Zoom-in and you often lose timestamp - with bitrate overlay, most decidedly not.


  1. Status: Streaming or stalled.
  2. Condition: Healthy or not, updated second-by-second.

Ok, if icon, then this:


The fun comes when it stops:

image image image   :grin:

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Hemispheric preference:

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Bilateral symmetry! :smile:

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I would be happy if the V3 Pro would just get a bitrate like the V3.



If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been maybe-latered…  I could afford a Wyze Cam Battery Pro! :smile:

Now that you’ve stepped up to the Pro line, you may need to spring for the purpose-built mate. :slight_smile:

That camera is to expensive to watch critters. I could purchase 3 more V3 cams for that price and I could record to the SD card.

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I bought 2 v3s recently but my just-v2 setup is so stable and happy lately I hesitate to add them to the mix!

My error. My response was about the new Battery Cam Pro . I have a good basic cable modem/ with an integrated AC3200 router. (Motorola MG 8702). My network is fine as is 2.4 is approx. 100 down and 20 up. The 5.0 network is 560 down and 24 up. My house is only 2000 sq/ft.
Of course a mesh would be nice, maybe I could put Wi-Fi in the :raccoon: fort across the street.


I’ll definitely try the Wyze Mesh Router Pro when my current rig falters or fails. As long as features like these have been added by then:

It took a long time for TP-Link to add 'em to the one I have now and they’ve proven to be essential.