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When something triggers the camera , in View Live Streaming you will get a green zone on the time line. When you put the marker over the green zone after 15 seconds the video will start. I find what is happening is Wyze seems to show 60 second videos starting from the start of the minute so if the item that triggers the event happens to appear 50 seconds into the minute then the video that you are watching shows 50 seconds of nothing happening then at 50 second the item appears and you get 10 seconds of action.
Surely this is a fault should not the Wyze camera show 60 from when the item triggers the camera. Any ideas or support out there.

That is exactly how every cam records to the SD Card. It is operating normally.

The cams record continuously when SD recording is enabled regardless of if you choose Continuous or Events. The cam records every minute, from the 0 second mark to the end of the 59 second mark, in single MP4 files. If you were to look at the SD Card on a computer, you will see that each MP4 file saved is exactly 1 minute long starting from the first second of the minute.

When you record Motion only, if there was motion anywhere within that minute, at second 3 or second 53, the entire one minute MP4 is saved. If there was no motion, the file is discarded. If the motion starts at second 53 and continues into the next minute, say second 13, there will be two one minute MP4 files saved. On the timeline, this will appear as a two minute event. Every event on the SD timeline is measured in whole one minute increments starting at second 00. Events on the SD timeline, unlike uploaded Event Videos which are cropped for only the time the motion is taking place, cannot be less than a minute and cannot start or stop anywhere within the middle of a 00-59s minute.

If there are three events in a 00-59s minute, only one file is saved and it will show as a single one minute event.

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Thanks for the clarification, okay so camera is working as it should.

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