Apologies for previous posts

For a long time I have bitched about the issues with my cameras and doorbell going off line and having to go through hoops to get them back up.

Recently I fired CenturyLink as my Wi-Fi provider and went to Xfinity. This effected a change of the modem.

I have had not one problem since.

Profuse apologies to Wyze and all of you who were influenced by my reports.


Although more people need to understand that and never will see your post or understand it, you’d still be surprised by the stuff that can happen. Networking and internet are not simple. Most people have no idea how utterly complex it is.

That said, you’ll likely see some issue at some point. There’s probably like 100 or 1,000 possible reasons why that other modem/router or whatever was seeing an issue. Not all are bugs or service issues. It could be compatibility or something else.

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Thank you for taking the time to make this post. You are not the first person who has solved a problem by a forklift upgrade / replacement of their WiFi / Router / ISP.


Taking the time to make a post like this speaks very well of your character. :+1:

I had a very similar experience, though my problems were all from having Xfinity. As soon as I left Xfinity and switched to Fiber Internet (through a company called Utopia Fiber), the last of my connectivity woes were resolved and my Wyze stuff works great!

Though as said above, connectivity is such a complicated thing, so there could be many different things involved for other people who are struggling with it.

For anyone still struggling with connectivity issues, here are a list of things you can look into and try that sometimes help.


Thanks for posting! It is really great to hear that Xfinity is fielding what seems to be a quality ISP provided router. That is a rarity amongst ISPs.

I too am a firm believer that not all WiFi Routers are created equal. I thought I was solving all my problems when I upgraded to my first Mesh. I proved that wrong when I upgraded to my second Mesh.

Most novice users are under the impression that WiFi is all the same and that it’s all about “More Power”. That is why you see so many dead spiders sold these days. People think having 8 antaenna is going to solve all their IoT problems while not realizing that the gaming router they bought doesn’t handle so nice on the slow roads of the low band because the router has posted speed limits on a single lane goat path.

The simple fact is that what is inside the router, the code parameters running on it, and the purpose for which it was designed and optimized, is much more important than how much area it covers or how fast it is.

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Do you think it’s possible to cheap one’s way to smart home success? Or is that just a marketing illusion saddling millions with frustration?

Will @fcgiii 's new ISP router continue to serve him well? Or will he one day pony up for something more specialized and pricey to overcome poor performance?

I’m coming to the conclusion that my upper-low-end phone (given to me) is responsible for some connectivity issues I’m having. I’d bet most power users have high-end phones, computers and other gear, increasing their odds of success.

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