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Bought 3 cameras and base.
Total garbage none of it works.
Save me the speech about settings and blah blah doesn’t work

cam-outdoor-v2 cam-pan-mounting-kit

Bought 13 cameras, Door Lock, 4 plugs, Thermostat, 18 light bulbs, door and motion sensors, wall switches, vacuum, Pro-Mesh WiFi router.
Total Genius Products.
Save me the speech about broken products. FIX YOUR NETWORK FIRST!


I respect that Wyze isn’t for everyone. I won’t try to convince OP or anyone otherwise. Competition is good for the market. I am glad not everyone likes Wyze.

The following comment is for others who do want to understand why Wyze cams work nearly flawlessly for lots of other people, but for some reason they are struggling with them. I’ve been there. I used to have lots of problems. I used to have to reset my cameras regularly to get them online. So I understand how frustrating it can be.

Now, I have over 40 Wyze cameras, multiples of almost every model. I no longer have any network problems with them. They all work great.

If they work great for some people, a person needs to ask “what’s the difference?”

I will share what I found that made a difference for me to get my Wyze stuff working nearly flawlessly now for several years. I wrote about it here in this thread:

I hope it helps someone else who is looking for things they can do to have a near-flawless experience like lots of us do.


Dear Internet,

Read this post that @carverofchoice wrote. It is what you need to know. Networking is very complicated and not simply bandwidth. Having devices that upload stuff through your router is a WHOLE DIFFERENT world than streaming something from Netflix. So much more going on.


So true.

And it certainly didn’t start flawlessly. It only got there thru the realization that my old network did not play well with others. 70+ total Wyze devices with near instantaneous load to stream and 100% uptime on every device for the better part of a year. So what happened? Network Upgrade.

Router setup, protocols, routing, DHCP, and prioritization are NOT universal. Every brand and model have their own particular recipe of super secret proprietary black magic they shove into their firmware. It is NOT all good for you or your network. It takes a Masters or PhD in RouterSpeak to figure it out. Or, do what many like me do. Kick the router to the curb and get one that plays nice with others. I have 3 old ones collecting dust.

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