My fourth Wyze cam, V3 going off-line and never working again

This is been such a disappointment with these products. I now have had my fourth wise cam V3, unable to reconnect to the Internet, because it went off-line for some reason. I still have two new ones in a box which will be sent back along with the two others, only one left working, This product is terrible. I have spent a couple hours talking to different technicians trying to get each camera working. I’m giving up and I’m telling the rest of the world on social media…perhaps these are not products they would want to purchase. I wish I would’ve bought a whole different system that actually works. I will be doing that now after wasting my time and my money.
I really needed these cameras to work. They went off-line when I needed them the most.

Very sorry you had that experience, not good. I have never had a V3 fail, so I wonder if maybe something in common with all of those devices is involved? My sister had 2 routers fail on the 2.4 GHz band, which is the band Wyze cameras use. Most our phones connect to the 5 GHz band, so if one band fails they wouldn’t see it. So something to think about is maybe a bad router, as you have so many failures? :neutral_face:

Another more obscure question is whether you are connected full-time to the Internet on broadband. My other sister lives in rural Michigan, and only has dial-up. Can’t convince her to upgrade, but she doesn’t use any IoT devices, thank goodness.

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Sorry you aren’t able to get your cams running on your network setup. There is probably a configuration or network issue that can be fixed to change that. I have 25 cams up and running on my network, 16 of them V3 cams, and have only ever had to send one cam back, a PanV3, because of an issue with the motors. The V3 is still the best cam in their lineup IMO.

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I have had the same thing happen to all of my 13 and customer support USELESS. I am so DONE with Wyze and spreading the word. I have told my entire family to leave Wyze and they have went with another provider.

Thank you for your response, I have a really good router in my small home. I have no issues with any of the other connections. :disappointed: