Comments on Demand

Is there someone you’d like to ask to comment on your Topic or comment or whatever?

Well, tag 'em

eg @carverofchoice

and point 'em to your post


…and see what the dog drags in. :bone:

Maybe something. Maybe nothing.

It don’t hurt to ask. :grin:

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The @ tags are very useful. I don’t necessarily always read every single thread, and certainly not daily. I do have certain topics/categories and tags set to alert me for any posts within those certain categories, but there are some categories I don’t follow and often don’t get around to reading until long after the thread is dead. But @ tags can help bring my attention somewhere that same day and make sure I don’t skim over it. :slight_smile:

Similarly it can be good to use the @ tag for mavens for help with something in general. For mods, it’s probably best to just use the flagging option at the bottom of each post, but you CAN use the mods tag in some situations if appropriate (probably use that one sparingly or just use the flag).

Make sure to always use @peepeep tag constantly. It makes him feel loved.

As for the presumption quote you just tagged me about, I responded to it in the original thread:

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People know better than that. They recognize a ‘know-nothing mystic’ when they see one. :grin:

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Hey Mike

Is there a simple way to explain to a lay person why bug fixes and enhancements to the app and firmware often seem to eff up other stuff?

I mean, isn’t stuff that works sequestered somehow to prevent this?

The ‘one step forward, one (or two) step(s) back’ routine is frustrating. I expect also for the devs.

Did I mention responses are optional? Because they are. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the absence of something yields the unexpected. Like my finding the exact exchange that led me to ask @mike21 the current question:

So, even if @mike21 never responds (again, optional) we have mike preserved on the forum to fondly recall. On demand. At our leisure. :blush:

@Antonius @IL1 @Sam_Bam @TechSis @bryonhu @TomG @secondary_2g @mvb @K6CCC @WildBill

Trying this out. Comment here may prevent linked-thread hijack.

But this is :us: . Do what you like. :slight_smile:

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My life is simple. I have my own Motorola cable modem/ with included AC3200 router and connected to Xfinity. 300 download and 23 upload. I only have 8 cameras three V3, one V3 Pro and four Version 1 WCO. They all stay connected and record what I want to see. :red_car:, :dancing_women: :raccoon: :black_cat: and of course Possums.

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I knew there was a private collection! :grin:

Mine, too.

But,,, ?

A guy needs some weird toggles and pots to fiddle. So’s a girl. :upside_down_face:

Thank you @peepeep for being inclusive and not gender-specific. :smile:

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It’s too late for me, IL, I have more scar tissue than regular flesh!   image :wink:

No turkeys in your area?

Why did the turkey cross the road?


We have a lot of those evil :turkey: :turkey: where I live but they only come around where my house is maybe twice a year. They like to hang out on the golf course, the parks, outside one of the medical buildings (a flock of about 30) and of course in front of the grocery stores because people give them snacks. Sometimes in the morning I have to wait in traffic for them all to cross the road on their way to a baseball field by one of the schools. The only good Turkey is one in the oven.


Just how Antonius rolls, so’s ya know… :slight_smile:

ParsimAntonius :heart:

If I had a Wyze Super Dooper Router with Extra Controls I’d be fiddling them right now.

theolds_1 AI takes our jobs!

Incidentally, just read this from regarding turkeys in traffic:

“You just have to keep moving,” he said. “I’m not saying you mow the thing down at 60 miles an hour because that’s not safe either, but the turkey is not going to lay down under your tires and let itself be killed.”

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You mean scars from this?

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(Careful, sometimes he yells out Trice up! out of the bleu.)


Hmm, what would Towel :person_with_crown: think… :thinking:


(turns out you can only tag 10 folk in a single post)

Steve! :wave:


This is not a club, btw, it’s an experiment, anyone, please feel free to jump on in. :slight_smile:

@Slabslayer weighs in:

Thanks, buddy. :slight_smile:

You have to heave out before you trice up or you will get folded up in your bunk with no way out. My first ship bunks were stacked 3 high, with a piece of canvas lashed (Tied) to an aluminum tube frame and a paper thin mattress for comfort. the three bunks were all connected vertically via chains and hooks. On my last ship I had my own room with a semi-comfortable bunk.

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