Can't view Cam v2 events

THEY CAN’T FIX IT. Same here for over 2 weeks, And the same with a family member 1200 miles away. And the same for others if u google it. Worked with Wyze engineeres for 2 weeks and 12 second FREE clips are frozen, on 2 V2 cameras. Sent over logs and everything, STILL NOT WORKING. Cant waste anymore time with this company. Time to move on and let ohers know about my experiences with their cams.

Did you used to have it and now you don’t? Were you on a trial and it ran out? Are you trying to figure out how to set it up?

If it were me, i would try going to the account tab in the app, then select “Services”

From there it depends on if you have any Cam Plus licenses or if you have Cam Plus lite. Based on your wording, I am guessing you and want to use have Cam Plus Lite?

Assuming that is the case, consider scrolling over in the services section to Cam Plus lite and see if your cameras are listed there. If not, then Click on “Add Cameras” at the bottom, and go add a checkmark to the cameras that aren’t working right. Once that is set up, you can have person or motion recordings for 12 seconds as often as every 5 minutes. See if everything looks okay there.

If you still need to sign up for Cam Plus lite, you can go here to set it up: and choose your own price, including free.
Though I am guessing you either already have Cam Plus Lite or have Cam Plus since you said other cameras were using motion events okay.

Let me know if I am misunderstanding something or if the above included instructions to resolve things in the way you were looking to do.

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Ty. Not attempting to use Cam - lite or Cam plus. Had cameras since 2020. 12 second free Event notification worked fine, untill 2 weeks ago. Now, when u tap Event triggered by motion, The clip does not move, its frozen. The only way to review the motion triggered event is go to live into camera, and hit playback, looking for that specific event. Pain.

Ah, you missed the memo then…Wyze changed their policy in early 2022 to not include cloud events automatically for free anymore. Your motion events should’ve stopped working over a year ago. They sent out constant notifications about this by email, pop-up messages, text, social media posts, announcements, everything. They did everything they could to tell people they were changing it. People started complaining that they were constantly being notified about it. Here are a couple of the announcements about the change:

If you were or are somehow still miraculously getting cloud events after spring/summer 2022, then it was a huge glitch (though my guess is that you were still getting motion notifications, but just didn’t realize the cloud video events were gone now). Your cams were supposed to be cut off from cloud events for over a year now. I believe there were a couple of exceptions for cameras that didn’t qualify for Cam Plus Lite such as the Video Doorbells (those still kept cloud events).

If you never signed up for Cam Plus Lite, but you want Motion Detection Cloud events, you have to sign up for Cam Plus Lite and assign the camera to the Cam Plus Lite Program. There is no other way to get this back. Without doing this, the cameras will still do motion detection, but they will only store a thumbnail image in the cloud. You will have to watch the event on the SD card instead. But the good news is that you can choose to get Cam Plus for Free. Just go here: Cam Plus Lite | Home Monitoring & Security Service Plans | Wyze – Wyze Labs, Inc and then follow these instructions:


Once again, I TY for taking your time to assist. I beleive back in 22 I signed up for Camplus Lite ( forgot) but I was getting 12 sec. Clips until 9/4/2023. I dont think Wyze would have spent 2 weeks with me back and forth if that was the problem, I’m sure they would have pointed it out. I’m sure they see it… Another reason to be upset with co. not figuring out what’s wrong, by charging for a service and not providing a fully working product.

The bottom line is, if you wish to view event videos today, you must assign Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite to your Cam v2 and set the cam settings appropriately. If you don’t want to pay for a service, follow the links or watch the video that carverofchoice has provided.

If you already subscribed to either service (pay or free), make sure your cam is assigned to the service and setup correctly. If you think you are setup correctly and still can’t view events, please post some screenshots so we can help you get running.

Note: I moved your 1st post and all replies to this new topic for better visibility and community help.

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Working fine for 2 yrs+ steady, until just recently. I would say that they were setup w/ Cam+ lite or whatever, correctly ,as i was able to view 12 sec. Clips. Untill 9/4/23. Again, been in communication with wyze and their engineers, followed thier instruc. even bought new SD cards and nothing changed… Not a life changing event, there’s a work around, just takes longer. Just have to assume cameras both went at the same time? Easy way to find out, Purchase one from Amzn. Prime And c if that one works . Ty.