Can't get sprinkler schedule to work

Now that you mention it, I went back and looked at the ghosted days and May 19th it should have fallen back on the default schedule and instead did nothing

Once they fix offline schedules I think they should add the ability to allow any schedule to work without internet and just have us agree it may not follow the skip conditions. Or if we turn off all the skip conditions, automatically add it to work offline since what else would it need the internet for?

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new controller, ran once on schedule and never has again. frustrating as support always acts like your the first person with the problem. so verified all the basics, power cycle and still nothing. so now i tried switching to days of week instead of every 2 days and if that doesnt work, ill try factory reset.
Is there a way to manually start cycle but still have it do the cycle/soak?

4th Sunday in a row where it was skipped for no reason. Log 1057855

Also not sure why there was a claim that only 2 people submitted logs. I submitted back in September, commented on here and the thread was ignored for 6 months.

it ran this morning using days of week instead of every 2 days, will see of ot goes again on tuesday

I currently have mine setup with “No Limit” scheduling so that the AI can just decide which days to water my lawn, so I can’t personally verify any of this for this year, but for the first half of last year my schedule ran on Wed and Sun mornings regularly. So maybe it is specific schedules or something that are bugging out.

There are multiple people in here saying it’s not working perfectly for them. So my suggestion is to submit it into the Fix-it-Friday event on June 2nd so it gets higher exposure, and maybe a report on what the cause or resolution may be if enough people report it/like it to show that it’s not an isolated incident.

worked again using days of week, so for me it looks like it the “every 2 days” is schedule that wont work . now to switch back and create report for support

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Don’t get too excited. Wait a few days to see if it works again. This thread is full of people getting excited because it seemed to start working again.

I am having a similar issue. Purchased my sprinkler system in March of this year and assumed most things were working as expected. Ironically, I used my wyze backyard camera to verify that my sprinklers were not running per the schedule.

Calendar shows the Default schedule only out for the next 2 weeks, and it does not consistently run even when it said it should.
Not using any smart schedules.
Manual quick runs work fins so it is not a connection or valve issue. I also have 4 valves/zones and NONE of them turn on with the schedule.
Unit is 3 feet from my wifi router.
All app and firmware up to date.

Given the length of this thread and frustration I will assume Wyze is not committed to supporting this product long term.

Log is 1060080

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I have sent this log up to the engineers to be looked at, I will let you know what we come up with.


Another day, another skipped run

Here is the 4th log: 1062595

Still haven’t got confirmation any of them are being looked at

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so I switched back to a schedule that runs every 2 days instead pf days of week. it ran today on schedule for first day, so now to wait the 2 days and see what happens… as inside note, yesterday the calendar had no june and 2 july but today shows as june normal

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I’ve been trying similar experiments. Smart Schedules don’t seen to work with any consistency but “every day” schedules do.

Update from this morning. Smart schedule did not run. Log submitted. 1063544

Once again, scheduled run didn’t run

Log 1063714

I can control quick start perfectly fine but it continues to skip schedule

If you are still experiencing Sprinkler Controller Schedule issues, I have posted this in the latest Fix-it-Friday event on your behalf here:

If you are among those currently experiencing issues on your device, I would recommend clicking on that link and “Liking” that post to show Wyze that it is still actively affecting you too. I am guessing this applies to at least the following users who have mentioned this recently: @john22 @DannyBoi @iamstillvince @Dweesil @cclarke96
I am not sure if this still applies to @sjs and @apalazze as I know there were DM’s, etc going on with Jason there, but I will include tagging you for now just in case it is still applicable.

Also, you are free to add additional comments or clarifications specific to your experience, such as that it only happens on a certain day for you or any other patterns you noticed. I did also reference this thread, so anything said in here will also be seen by anyone reading about the Fix-it-Friday submissions.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I remembered some of you were still struggling with this and I submitted it on your behalf to make sure it wasn’t overlooked.


Yes - definitely still an issue. I returned my unit home depot and implored them not to sell the others in stock. However they probably will and the saga will continue.

I installed the replacement unit and ended up only relying on the automated cycles. So far it’s been fine but it’s only been 3 runs. Your engineering team needs to check the schedule logic, along with the electrical signal that the controller outputs to each control valve.

Even with my new unit, during setup, I had it turn on for one second then shut right back off. My valves are all fine and work when I manually run the schedule. Almost certainly a software problem on your end.

Here is yet another log: 1064860

Yesterday, it skipped the default schedule, which is supposed to run every Friday morning, without any reason and didn’t use the offline schedule. I tried to change the default schedule to sunset and it ignored it. Shifted it to 11 PM and it also ignored it.

This morning it ignored my schedule for the backyard again (also ignored yesterday). I have a separate one since I just put st Augustine plugs and they need to be watered every day for 14 days but at this rate all my grass everywhere is going to die since it’s not being watered at all

Could you submit a support ticket on and give me the ticket number? We may need to replace this unit for you.

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@WyzeJasonJ: I have intentionally not updated my new sprinkler controller’s firmware from 1.0.1 and so far it’s been functioning just fine.

I’m willing to bet that when your engineers fixed one of the original schedule bugs in the 1.0.1 firmware they introduced new ones.