Schedule tries to run, then turns off immediately

I have hooked up my sprinkler and have been trying to get my schedule to run correctly. I just setup a normal timed schedule to start every day at 7:00am. I turned off any automated skips. Every morning at 7, I can tell the first zone tries to turn on (I hear water starting to run), but then it immediately turns off and the schedule never runs. The app shows that a schedule never ran that day and there’s no indication as to why.

If I just run all zones manually, everything works great.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

On the main sprinkler controller page, top right there is a calendar icon, click that. Do you have dots (grey or blue) on that calendar? Click on any previous date where your system didn’t complete the schedule and see if there is a dot for that day. When you then click on that day it should tell you what it thinks happened.

I have another theory but its dependent on what your controller history says…

All of the days that the scheduled started, then immediately stopped don’t have grey or blue dots. It’s like the schedule didn’t exist.

As another update, I switched the schedule to start at 7:05AM and it did the same thing. Then I switched it to start at 7:07AM and it has worked the past 3 days as expected. Maybe 7:00 is too popular of a time?

There have been a few instances that I have seen where people were experiencing the same issue you are describing all the way down to the lack of entries on the calendar. After some provided logs it was determined that the controller was losing its wifi connection and hence the schedule couldn’t or wouldn’t run. If you have the ability to (temporarily) move the router or AP closer I would try that, restart the controller and see if the next schedule runs correctly. That way you can determine if thats your issue as well.

I have the same issue along with manual runs only running for a few seconds. The thread below has a bunch of people with common issues. A Wyze rep has responded in the thread about finding the root cause. We’re all just waiting for a firmware update.