Default schedule not running

since last Thursday the default schedule is not triggering. there are no smart skips in effect.

any ideas why this might be and how to get it back working? my plants and trees are suffering here in the desert southwest!

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On the main sprinkler controller page, top right hand corner, there is a calendar logo. Click that. previous days and future days are shown. If it skipped it should have a grey dot, blue dot for watering. Once you click the day it should show which schedule it skipped and why. If you have nothing showing to me that says there was nothing scheduled and I would review the schedules. There might be a weird setting for schedules to run only certain months that’s accidentally enabled?

There’s no dot for days that it skips. I deleted the default schedule and re-created it. It still doesnt run on days that it should, with no reason logged as to why it simply didnt run. I mean its 100F every day here and no rain for days. It should be running every day. The zones all show 0% saturation. Getting desperate. Support are no help.

Can you take a screenshot of the details of any schedule that should be active? Also double check within the schedule settings under “Days” that you have selected which days that schedule should run.

Are you seeing any blue dots on future days?

Turns out the issue is down to weak wifi. Strange as I never had trouble controlling it manually, but I submitted the logs and they identified its disconnecting intermittently. I guess this causes it not to run the schedules. Odd that they have the Offline schedule just for that purpose, but it doesnt seem to apply. Anyway I put an extra AP outside and improved the signal from -80 to -75 and it seems to run reliably now.