Can someone enlighten me, please?

I have cameras at a remote location. Not an ideal setup (slow internet and ISP supplied gear). When I view live view on my phone remotely, the connection fails every few minutes or so. However when I view the footage from SD card it’s smooth as a 12 year old single malt scotch.

Can someone explain this to me as both streams are going through the same network and ISP to my phone? What makes the SD playback better than live view through the camera? I would think it should be the same???!!!???

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Hmm, you’ve stumped me on this one. My Wyze streams drop out pretty frequently (much more so lately) but I usually attribute it to possible WiFi issues or Wyze disliking TinyCam. If your card streaming is solid then that wouldn’t apply. As you accurately describe it, the path for the video is identical - the camera is either streaming from its live sensor or streaming from its SD card. Hmm.

I believe it still could be router or Wan related.

My understanding is that when it writes to the card, it is done locally. The feed is still passed to the AI server for interrogation. However, the Live Stream is essentially a Peer to Peer connection. Once your connection is verified, the connection is handed off so it talks from your network to your phone. It does not necessarily go through the Wyze Servers at that point.

So if you provider does Bandwidth throttling or if your router cannot keep up with the demand, then you could experience issues during live stream. I do know my TPLink Deco could not keep up with the demand and frequently dropped frames / Packets or just locked up. When it locked, I had to restart my router.

My ASUS ZenWiFi had no issue and the Wyze Routers (Noth Standard and Pro) has had no issue with streaming to my phone or Wyze WebView or LiveView.

@carverofchoice @R.Good or anyone else, can you add to this or let me know if I am mistaken on this?


I’m going to ask the dumb question. Are you sure you are watching uSD card recordings. I ask because there is so much confusion about uSD card vs event recordings. Although you have been around enough that I would ASSUME you know the difference - but you know what you get from assuming…


This does not sound right to me. Yes, a small portion of an event may be passed to AI server for analysis and potential recording, depending on subscription. But that has nothing to do with the regular recording to SD of either motion events or continuous recording. By the time he or she seeks to play back such an SD recording, the stream path (AND the required P2P setup) should be identical to that required for streaming live video…?


That is true, did not think of it that way.

But when playing back from SD Card, it is simply streaming the event. The Live Stream is Live Streaming while recording while passing the data to the AI Server for processing and Event Labeling.

This is an interesting question. Please note, I am speculating currently. I will try to see if someone from Wyze can provide an explanation.


Yep, agreed. My first suspicion was that it could be overhead like phoning home and uploading events, etc. So that COULD be it, but I don’t feel confident about that.

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@habib , There are far smarter people here than I, but I will share what I would try. Granted, I can’t defend or explain what’s happening to you, and the same for what I suggest, but here goes anyway.

Is this behavior the same when you are on site or only when you are away from there. Is this still the same problem, right after the 1) router has been restarted, 2) the camera has been restarted?

Can you adjust anything inside the router? I would try changing the channel for the 2.4 GHz band? Likely on Auto. I would try 6/7 or 10/11. Even 1.

You said you were using, but you didn’t say if you must use ISP supplied gear. Or if all of it. I would try supplementing or replacing for a test some. For instance if that’s a modem/router combo, I would bring with me a cheap, new tech router and disable the router side of the modem/router and test that.

And, no logic to this suggestion, but worth trying, I THINK, place a WiFi extender between your router there and cameras. If it doesn’t help, return it to the store. But just wonder if it makes a difference. (It should make no difference, I think.)


I am going to try all of your questions in one reply.
I lost WiFi for almost a day due to ISP issues. When the WiFi cane back I started watching footage from SD to see if something happened while I had no service. As I mentioned the stream was perfect including forwarding and rewinding. 100% sure I was watching SD stream :grinning:

@Sam_Bam, all my cameras are on static IP and my router is on channel 6, not to mention that there is no one around for miles. Unfortunately I am forced to use ISP combo router/modem.

I discovered this accidentally and has me stomped as well.


Is this useful?


image :notes:  Uh, no…
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Hey @habib , I’ll throw my hat in the ring. if you have access to an Android device you might want to try tinyCam and compare Live Stream connectivity.

I too am stomped and also stumped. When you figure it out, I hope you will share what it was. For our institutional knowledge base.

I wonder if the SD card playback allows the stream to be variable quality, while the Live view only streams at whatever you set in the upper left of the live stream. If you set it to HD, maybe it tries to force HD and will just buffer and freeze if it can’t handle it, while the SD card allows it to change the quality of the stream to fit the network need…if the connection is weak, then it might scale down. This seems to fit with the quality of some of my recordings that seem to have a little variation sometimes.

We assume it streams the same as the live stream, but maybe that’s not the case.

We have been told that Wyze cams have at least 2 different streams that are used. In the following post, the employee was explaining that Apple denied Wyze’s Homekit application because the second stream is only 360p, and Apple required the second stream to be 720p.

The relevant thing for my thought-train is that there is more than 1 stream for video. Even if you have it set to HD or whatever. I do not fully know what the purpose of the second stream at a different resolution is, but we know there is one…at least one…

We also know that Wyze streams video in multiple other protocols. For example, we know streams to Alexa and Google displays use WebRTC, while the Webview uses some Amazon Protocol that Wyze previously said routes through the internet instead of staying local (or at least it used to when it first launched since they said they were being charged per stream). We assume the live stream at least uses something different since it stays local, and seems to have a different quality than Google/Alexa. Sometimes when I stream to my Google or Alexa, it looks fine unless I try to zoom in at all, at least I noticed this recently on my V3Pros, then it is obvious that it is showing me the view in something other than 2K/HD, because it is immediately unviewable if I try to zoom in. So definitely not streaming to those in 2K despite me having it set to 2K in the app, which does seem to stream in 2K.

In Docker Wyze Bridge they indicate multiple streams:


Though I think they are converting it, I am not 100% confident, but it is interesting that they say they have 3 streams going for each camera.

Regardless, it definitely does do multiple streams at a time, since a camera can upload a cloud video while streaming to a phone (and still record to the SD card). In fact some cameras can do all of the following at the same time: Upload a full-motion event to the cloud, upload a 12-second sound event clip, stream liveview or SD card playback to the phone (sometimes stream liveview to more than one phone), stream to a Google/Alexa Device, stream to webview, and record to the SD card. Someone tested the streaming limits on some cams. I can’t remember the outcome, but I think someone got up to like 5-6 device streams at once one time before it started ending streams from overloading the camera. :man_shrugging: Maybe they’ve changed things since then as the OG’s are limited to 2 device streams at a time now.

I think I am leaning toward a hypothesis of: the live stream will try to stream in whatever quality you set it to, while the SD card playback might vary based on the network connection available to try to provide a stable stream. So your video might freeze and fail on the live stream when set to HD, but work better for SD card playback. We would need an employee to chime in with more information to be sure of anything though.


You crack me up :rofl:

I don’t have an Android, I am an Apple geek since 1988. I can give Bluestacks and TinyCam combo, but I am getting too old for this crap. Also too busy, but that is a good idea nevertheless.


Some time ago I was questioning an employee to why I can view the same stream at three different resolutions on three different devices and which stream is being recorded to sd card. Never got a straight answer.

I think there is more than it meets the eye with Wyze cameras

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