SD Card Issue in Playback

I have read the other thread about sd card issues but mine is a bit different and just wanted to see if anyone run into this. When replaying the video, it would generally work if the video playback is within two events of the current time when you move past that it would show the image of the still image of the camera at the time I accessed the video playback.
During that time it would show bitrate of 100 or more as if it is playing the playback. To fix this I would click on settings then back and then it would play my desired playback. But same thing would be an issue if past two or so events of that time. Wifi signal for my camera is somewhere around 90%. Could this be a software problem where it is not correctly connecting with the camera?

Hi @forcetheforgiven, welcome!

Playback from SD card is heavily dependent on your camera’s WiFi connection since it’s reading the video directly from the SD card in the camera over WiFi rather than from Wyze’s cloud. The 90% signal may indicate good signal strength, but the connection speed may still be low or the latency (delay) may be very high. This would cause long delays loading playback from a different point in time since the stream has to be restarted every time you drag the playback timeline.

Are you seeing this behavior every time, or only under certain conditions (time of day, only when away from home, etc)?

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I am seeing it everytime. It is located maybe 10 feet from the router. It appear that it would default to some random time image and would stay there unless I click on settings the back. It would reconnect with the camera and would work as designed.

In that case I would recommend reproducing the issue, then sending in logs from the app with an explanation of the issue (and referencing this thread if you like). That should give Wyze Support some details that they can hopefully use to track down the source of the issue.

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