Amazon Firestick / Fire Cube Device Dashboard - Access To Wyze Devices

Just found this surprising capability by accident.

On the Firestick or Fire Cube you can Press (Tap) the Alexa button one time and it will pull up a quick menu,

And in that menu is the Smart Home Device Dashboard similar to the Show Device Dashboard

Giving you quick access to many (Lights, Plugs, Switches, and Cameras) of your Wyze IoT devices selectable via the remote.


This is awesome. So basically you can see you camera’s by using the menu and drilling into the Camera Grouping?

I watched a YouTuber who showed a way to put a quick launch icon on your Show. I then click on the Quick Launch Icon and can tap on any camera I added to the quick launch as a custom command. Works like a charm.

EDIT - Just saw the pics. I like how it looks, seems to make use of the full real-estate. The Show Show 15 doesn’t yet. I am assuming on the Show 15 from what others have showed in the past. :slight_smile:

What would be nice is if they would allow the camera display to stream each one in place. Basically like the Wyze Web View. your Display looks great, but you have to click on them to stream, correct?


You can, of course an Alternative to the Voice Commands.

Is that from a new button created on the Home Page or a Favorite on the Device Dashboard?

One area of note is that the items you have Selected on your Echo Show Device as Favorites also show on the Fire Device Favorites, as long as it is a Light, Plug, Switch or Camera

Just so happens all my favorites are cameras

Compared to the
Fire tablet

Echo Show 15


That would be sweet. I tried the PIP but it only shows one at a time.

Also cool that as you select Cameras it populates the thumbnails vs just a tile with a name.


Yes, the Show 15 cards are horrible. A straight line you have to swipe through as shown here


Yes, Works great. Just wish I could remove all of the default ones but what I put there

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I’d like to see that link if you wouldn’t mind sharing please.

Looking for it now…

EDIT - Could not find the actual video yet, so I took some pics for you…

Swipe Down from the top and select Settings. If this does not show, swipe from the left.

Scroll down to Accessibility

Scroll down to Tap to Alexa and toggle option on

Go back to the home screen and you will see a finger in the bottom right. you can move it around, I believe.

When you tap on the finger, it will show quick menu items

To edit the layout and add items select the 3 dots top right

I added my Driveway shown 2 pictures ago, WHen you tap on it, It will load the driveway


Hope what I posted makes sense.


Good stuff in this thread. I will have to try it.


This just made my day!!!- Thanks!


I want to buy a firestick exclusive for this, but it is work w/ Wyze cam V3??


Made lots on sense, thank you!

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It works with all Wyze cameras except the Video Doorbell.

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They just released a Beta FW update to the VDB v1. Mentions Alexa in it. :slight_smile:

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I saw that right after I posted that, lol.

Still a valid production statement :joy:


Do I have to make any update to the FireTv Sitck?? It doesn’t work for me. I’m out side of USA.

I am sorry, I do not know.

My oldest Firestick has this capability and it is on Software Version 652614020

Check to see if you have the latest updates?

been trying and can’t get it to work… :sob: :sob: :sob: