List of Wyze V3 compatible TVs

Is there a list of TVs that are compatible with the Wyze V3 camera? I want to display my outside cameras on my TV through the home WIFI. I am willing to buy a new TV if there is one that is compatible with Wyze camera. Thanks.

Do you already have a Smart TV? Or one with an available HDMI port?


As @SlabSlayer asked, if you have a TV with an availabl HDMI Port, you can attach the AmazonTV or Firestick and it seems to work with displaying the Cameras.
@R.Good provided some sample of this here:


Looking online, there appear to be some who have also done it with Roku as well. I’m sure there might also be ways for sideloading something on Android TV as well.

But, the short answer is it is not the TV that is the issue. Wyze Cams are not directly compatible with any TV as the ability to view the video stream from the cams depends on Real Time Streaming of the cam feed video, decoding it and then translating that digital language to something your TV streaming device can understand. To do this, there must be a go between software to pull the video and then format that for the device it is being displayed on. If you don’t have a Wifi Smart TV, a hardware solution to add WiFi is also needed.

For your phone, the Wyze app serves as that go between connection to pull the feed from the cam and then display it on the phone.

There is no Wyze app for TV although it has been requested.

So, without the Wyze app for TV, we have to get creative and come up with other integrated software solutions to do the job.

If you have a Smart TV (WiFi) or an HDMI port on a non WiFi TV, the solution is a bit easier.


Yes I have a smart TV with WiFi and HDMI. I am going to try using the AmazonTV or Firestick. I might be able to make that work. It will be great if Wyze v4 has a software for a PC or WiFi TV.

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That would be great idea, There are some who flash their cams with RTSP firmware and somehow are able to stream direct, but I know nothing about this. I think getting an app for Smart TV platforms might be a faster solution.

Good luck!