Instructions for display Wyze V3 on a TV

I have Wyze V3 cameras outside and connected to my Android smart phone with my home wifi. Are there any instructions to display the camera pictures on my TV?

I did a cursory look on the Wyze knowledge base and came up empty for detailed instructions.

For this though, you are going to need ‘integration’.

I use my Amazon Alexa linked Wyze Skill to view my cams on my Amazon Fire Stick (or Fire TV). There are many instructions on the net on how to do this, although I find it next to useless and just haven’t moved to something else yet.

Casting your phone to a smart TV is also an option, but it has limitations also. Some phones, like mine, is limited to casting to a Chromecast device.

Others have successfully used an app called TinyCam to view their cams on the Fire devices:

I am sure there are other ways using other Smart TV platforms, apps, and protocols. You should get some good suggestions here.