Alexa Smart home on Firestick

I have the 4K as well. If I press the microphone and say “Show me the ‘Cam Name Here’” she will say OK and then try to show the live feed. It is mostly successful on my cams that have been given critical router priority, hit or miss on the more distant cams.

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She doesn’t work for me, when I do that. Well, she tries, but then says that “something happened, or something went wrong”. I don’t remember exactly.

Mine could actually be skipping too, I don’t have enough volume to hear a constant voice.

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If you pay the $2 or so, you can bring up one or more cameras on the Fire stick by saying “launch TinyCam”. This is usually faster than the “show me” command.

The audio thing sounds like normal squelching? Sound cutting in and out as it hovers around a preset noise level. My cameras have always done that and it seems “normal”?

Thanks. Don’t mind the $2. I may try that again. I mean, I tired Tinycam and could not get any camera to stay up but for a few minutes, the blacked out.

Also thinking about trying the Sonoff new CamSlim. It has that RTSP feature without giving up viewing we use here. Sorry, can’t remember the term for viewing live.

Somebody start from the beginning and type really slow for me…

How do I get my camera on my Fire Stick?


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LOL okay

On the Firestick press the Alexa button one time. In a few seconds a menu, will appear. (This is new) And in that menu is a Smart Home choice. Select it and press once. Your Smart Home devices will show. You can move the cursor across to Cameras or just look through the “all” list until you find your cameras name. Move/select it and press once on the 'remote home button." Ta-Daaaaaa !!


Not sure if this translated in the linked topic, or if it is relevant for you, but you first have to have the Wyze Skill enabled in Alexa.

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If you ever have time to take a picture I would be interested to see the result!!! :smiling_face:

Please elaborate. Who is taking the picture and of what?

Just in case anyone is considering, FireTV Stick 4K Max which is $54.99 has a $20 discount to $34.99 right now. Ran across it by accident.


This week, I was watching a new Automate Your Life video where Brian showed in detail how to turn Echo Studio and/or Echo/Echo Dot 4th gen using a TV Stick Max into a Home Stereo. That’s how I came across this. And thought I would try because these sound on newer super thin TVs is so bad.

I’d also been looking at Echo Dots because of the Person Detection for triggers vice Motion Detection with sensors. The person detection is working pretty cool. So wanted to look for more Dots. Also noticed they have a sale on Echo Dot 4th gen. Price for buying second is almost free. Well, whatever, but bought 2 pair for $54.xx for each pair.

Just sharing.

I haven’t seen that article but it sounds wonky and expensive. Why not just a decent wired or Bluetooth speaker? (I find “soundbars” kind of ridiculous since most cost as much as a stereo system anyway.)

Thanks for sharing… I have my home littered with Echo Devices, so I know what you are going through right now. :wink:

Just threw another Firestick in the cart because of your post above,

Glad to have been useful.

I just “deregistered” 7 2nd gen Dots, and moved 5 3rd gens to replace them, so the bedrooms get the 4th gens. I give the old ones to nieces/nephews, so they don’t go to waste. I even have a Dot in my attics. Usually I am up there without my cellphone. Nice to be able to use the Amazon calling feature to call for help, if I need to. Its like insurance. (two in the garage easily with voice if I do something that gets me stuck under my car and can’t get from under. My elder mom has 3 in her place for that “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” eventuality.

Was reading and found hint. 4th gen Echo and Dot have a 7 minute cool down period for the person detection ultrasound feature. Damn things work almost too good, it turns on all the lights when I get up in the middle of the night for a pitstop.

Agree. Dislike soundbars. They have a separate remote and have to find it to mute sound there when I must the TV. PITA. Tried of home theater systems for a while.

If this Max and Studio/Echo are anything like what I get when I play my Studio/Echo, and Echo Input through my Wave with the same speaker sync feature will be worth it. I listen to a lot of old 50’s tunes all day long via Tune In. Fills the rooms.

Geeze man, forget that. Just wanted to see how it was looking on his tv from a snapshop he could upload cause it might interest me! Sorry offending you.

He or she just asked what you meant. It wasn’t clear.

@Sam_Bam , I use Echo speaker groups for playing across the house, but I’d be suspicious of how well it could synch up stereo channels as you reference.

I love Echoes too, and they are good inexpensive speaker / BT devices, but I would think a direct connection to the TV (Toslink or copper or Bluetooth) would be a more reliable way to go…

Yea, your reply wasn’t to a direct individual, so unclear who you were asking for the pic :wink:
Don’t think @SlabSlayer was offended. All good though, and welcome back to the forum.

There are some snapshots of how the Home controls look on the Firestick here

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So sorry about that, just thought the guy was angry at me for the lack of my knowledge. Anyway I just ordered an amazon fire-stick and can’t wait to see how it will show my multi-cam,

Thanks for your feedback, Sly!

You are correct that there are much better ways to connect. I like to experiment.

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