All the product updates announced during the Wyzies

Those do tend to be fairly expensive, but I wonder how expensive they are to manufacture. If Wyze could add value here and lower the pricepoint, it’s certainly a product I’d be interested in. :slight_smile:

They still have to pay for the improvents they make while keeping other costs down. If we want wyze to remain a company, we need to be a little more realistic about our wishes. Even if wyze includes a paid service they are still cheaper than their competition.


the continous recording subscrption is 1.49$ per camera per month

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That’s why I love the WyzeCam. No longer having to recharge batteries every few weeks which I have to do with my other cameras which claim the batteries would last for 3 - 6 months.

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Excited about door lock, very limited reliable, reasonably priced products currently available on market. Thermostat also is something I would want for other properties. A note on your “hub” thought processes. I purchased a system that utilized a hub that promptly failed miserably. It was not an inexpensive system. Got rid of it and came to Wyze. I think this may be a step backwards as I’m not convinced that the hubs are another piece of equipment that cant be manufactured economically to a point where quality/reliability given the engineering/cost going into it will make it profitable. Good luck with failed units and the negative drag down of customer responses that hopefully won’t happen.

Looks likes some great stuff coming up, super excited!!!

Really wish there was a peephole camera mentioned, this is huge for apartments…which is an enormous demographic. If anyone else is in this camp please hit the link below and vote to have your voice heard!!

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wait, what?? if i cant use it under a waterfall then i don’t even want it!!! :upside_down_face::non-potable_water:


Ha! But then you’d need a subscription for hamster food!


I’m glad someone finally reacted to that. :laughing: I thought that was my best idea yet!


Hassio, smarthings integration

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Sounds great but I’m using a silicone sleeve on my pan-cam outdoors for over a year. I’ll just keep using this if the outdoor cam is wireless. If I have to replace my pan-cam every couple of years due to weather then that’s ok.

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If Wyze really wants to make money, they should sell replacement magnets for the sensors in 10 and 20 packs. I bought a four pack of Sensors during Wyze Day and two of the magnets have already gone missing.

Or make a deal with these people and start selling mounting kits:

It’s a $20 camera for goodness sake. A couple of years ago, I paid over $200 for a Ring + $3 per month for cloud. The Ring doesn’t work near as well as the Wyze Cam. I will HAPPILY pay for a cloud service - HAPPILY!


Exactly , you get good bang for your Buck with wyze products and the great features , and , they keep adding more of those great features all the time, some cameras you can’t even use some of the features unless you pay extra.
The reason they are going to implement any kind of paid program is because so many users asked for it including me.

While it won’t look quite as nice aesthetically, you can can replace the magnet half with any magnet, and it should still work.

The magnet side is definitely more likely to fail because it’s so thin and there’s less contact area. I’ve got a door where it always comes loose and sticks to the top of the door, since the door is steel and is constantly pulling on the magnet. I added more adhesive so that it sticks on two sides, but it still happens sometimes. I’m thinking I may scrape off all the adhesive and just superglue it to the jamb. That will keep it on there more securely, and it also won’t be quite as close to the door, so the pull would be weaker

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I already had these magnets so right now I use 2 or 3 of these depending on how far away the sensor on my steel doors.

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I now have 5 Wyze Cams, 1 Pan/Zoom Cam, 4 Wyze SmartPlugs, and 8 Wyze Bulbs. I give Wyze Cams as gifts to family and friends, too. I am STILL amazed at what these devices can do. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


I’ll just say , I have a bunch of stuff :grin: