All the product updates announced during the Wyzies

Why only IP65? If they’re being built from the ground up IP66 should have been the minimum target. Also, why not add ONVIF support into these cameras? Let us integrate with NVR solutions we have running.

I also agree a POE option would be way better than the typical wireless chargeable cameras or at least make the option for that kind in the very near future.

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Oh this was such a pleasure to read! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Wow sounds very exciting. I could see purchasing outdoor cams, thermostat, lock and sense once they are integrated with Alexa. Hopefully all your future products will come out of the box with integrated to Alexa.

Cost/benefit analysis.

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So basically because they cheap and didn’t want to put the research into it? Got it. Pretty sad if that’s the case. Plenty of areas that these cams will be destroyed because of the weak IP rating.

I don’t work there, but I assume they researched it. It seems like that would be a normal part of the development process for any outdoor product. If the manufacturing price and lead time were identical to make it IP65 or IP66 or IP67 or IP68, it would be a no-brainer, obviously. Cost/benefit analysis assumes research. :slight_smile: It means that the additional cost doesn’t merit the benefit. If 99% of their customers won’t pay more for it or benefit from it, it’s not worth the added cost.

Were you planning to use it under a waterfall?


I would like to throw in my 2 cents and would like to have the option for the outdoor to cam work on power. As a previous reply mention, this is a DEAL BREAKER

I’ve talked to many friends who has battery powered/rechargeable cams and they all complain that it’s a hassle to have to take the cams down to recharge them. After taking them down you have to wait to recharge them therefore leaving your space unmonitored.

Also on windy days, the cam triggers a lot and uses up the batteries faster.

Scroll up.


I assume that, since the power cable will be removed, some form of replaceable or re-chargeable battery will be part of the unit. If that is the case, what is the target useful life of a batteries?That would be important to us, since our use for the outdoor camera would be to monitor our home when we are away for extended periods and, therefore, not be available to change or charge the batteries.

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Those details haven’t been released yet. I’m hoping it comes with a hamster-powered wheel that can keep it going indefinitely. :grin:

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Since IP65 is only good for a light stream of water one could deduce that torrential rain could potentially damage them. Ever power wash your house? Bye bye Wyze cam.

IP65 requires “Protection from water, up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction”

Even in a torrential rainstorm, I’ve never experienced anything that would be equivalent to “water projected by a nozzle from any direction.” And I live in Florida.

I would assume the “nozzle” in the standard to refer to a hose, not a power washer.

“Power washer proof” is a much higher standard than even submersible. You’re not even supposed to power wash your windows, for example. If you do, you’re likely to introduce new leaks into your house that didn’t exist before. I’ve literally fillleted the skin off my arm with a power washer before. It wasn’t pleasant.

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IP65 is weak. I’m not going to dodge camera when cleaning my house. I’ve power washed my Dauha cameras and nothing happened to them, that is the whole reason IP67 and up is around for.

If done properly you’re not putting the jet millimeters from what’s being cleaned.

I get Wyze cameras are cheap and most of you have never used real security cameras, but for outside, 65 is pathetic.

But whatever, we’ll have to agree to disagree, Wyze is just following Reolinks footsteps in the cheap camera arena.

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iPhones 7 and above are IP67-IP68. Why don’t you try power washing one of those? :laughing:

I don’t disagree with you about “real security cameras.” I don’t think Wyze is trying to compete with pro systems in the first place. As I said, I’m sure it’s a cost/benefit analysis thing. Same reason they don’t have 4K sensors or optical zoom lenses. Costs money, and they’re not likely to sell as many units.

Regardless of the IP rating, if you hit something with a power washer in the wrong spot or angle, you may as well be stabbing it with a knife. No IP rating is going to help you with that. If you break your camera while doing that, you have no one to blame but yourself. (Just like I had no one to blame but myself when I filleted the flesh off of my arm. Haha.)

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I would love it if Wyze would create a smart WiFi mesh router!


I would also love a smart garage door opener.

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No. Never thought about it.