Our biggest product announcement since 2017!


@9am PT

Does anyone have any guesses as to what this will be :eyes:?


Hoping it’s the outdoor cam!


I can’t wait for the outdoor camera, but that’s already been announced (and I have a hard time seeing it being as big of an announcement as the Original wyze cam).

So exiting!!


To me the outdoor cam is a big deal. They announced they were working on it, but it’s been delayed and delayed, so actually seeing one would be amazing.
If it’s not the cam, I can’t imagine what it could be.
I would love for the cams to be compatible with Ring Alarm system which I have, but that’s not going to happen.


Best Guesses would be the outdoor camera or something to do with the new panic button?

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@bookooc I agree that it is a big deal. It will be awesome when they come out with it. I’m just saying I don’t know that it’s a bigger deal then the Pan, or the Lock?

My best guess is that it’s a new series of further security accessories (window break sensors, video doorbell, outdoor camera, etc.). So not one single product, but maybe several?


Could be. Have to see on the 23rd. The 22nd is the start of WWDC so not sure how much time I will have on the 23rd but I am sure long enough to look at their web site.

Huh, right over WWDC :smirk:. Makes me wonder if it means HomeKit support? It no longer requires special hardware (support can be added with software now)…

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I suspect it’s the outdoor camera.
The email campaign is called WCO Teaser Email (Wyze Cam Outdoor??)

Link from Wyze logo in email: Wyze


Doubtful. While the chip is no longer required Wyze themselves have said the camera does not provide enough resolution in the secondary video stream to meet Apples requirements.

Pretty sure it’s the Outdoor Camera. :wink:


I hope they are not “partnering” (being bought) with someone. But this seems bigger than an outdoor cam.


Anything is of course possible but my money is still on the outdoor camera. :yum:

I suspect its outdoor cam AND video doorbell…


I doubt it. I recall wyze saying at one point that they would never sell…

The next product release is supposed to be the outdoor cam, according to WYZE.
If it’s just an announcement for an upcoming product it doesn’t mean much.

They announced the scale and band at the same time. It could be an official look at the outdoor cam as well as other new products/features combined

First guess:
Wyze Cam Outdoor with Person Detection V2

Second guess:
Wyze Doorbell and Wyze Cam Outdoor with Person Detection V2

Third guess:
Wyze thermostat, Wyze Doorbell, and Wyze Cam Outdoor with Person Detection V2

I would love to see the third guess but will settle for the first.

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Wyze hub is my guess from left field.


What do you propose that this hub will do?

And about a month after I installed a couple Blink outdoor cams. :smirk:

Discount for trade-ins?

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