Cyber Monday 2019 Mystery Launch

What do you think the mystery product launch is for Monday? Doorbell maybe?

The bathroom scale is my best guess. Doorbell isn’t far enough along in the development process, I don’t think.

It could also be a new bundle (or UNbundling) of existing products. Or maybe another color variation.

Those are my best guesses.

My guess is the outdoor camera.

It’s 10000% not that.

Where are you guys seeing this?

Okay :man_shrugging:

Haha. Well, the calendar where they talked about it (on their Instagram) specifically says “Not the outdoor camera!” I think they didn’t want to get people’s hopes up

Haha that’s funny. I would say it’s a red herring, but I don’t think that would be very good business practice :joy:

I’m still hoping for sharks with lasers!


Santa detection!

But it will take months to clear up the red tape.

Bigfoot detector? :shushing_face:

A brand spanking new AI detection for dust particles so we can stop hearing about orbs and ghosts. :ghost:



I found the answer via the other Wyze online communities… But i’m not sure if I should let the mystery be. :slight_smile: Haha. I can tell you that none of my guesses were right.

I would be happy for Wyze Sense motion and door sensor support for Alexa. I plan to buy more motion sensors and door sensors and another camera especially if those sensors work directly with Alexa. It would be funny to have Alexa say something funny whenever motion sensor is activated “Like you feelin lucky punk”.

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They had a beta version live a few weeks ago and they disabled it because it’s not quite ready for prime-time yet. But I’ve got it set up so that Alexa speaks when the door opens. :slight_smile: She doesn’t say that, but I like it, especially if I’m leaving on vacation for a while. Haha

Or just the sound of a 12 gauge being racked.


What other community’s are there?

Reddit, Facebook wyze core community