AMA 10/29/20 Takeaways-announcements-summaries

What are some things you picked up from the AMA?

(Hardware panel starts around 0:36:30; Services around 0:55:50; founders 1:44:30)

Here are some things I really liked hearing them discuss:

  1. New and better detection zone immediately available for Beta!
  2. Color bulbs - YES
  3. A Switch and a Click device? What is that? I have no idea what they are talking about…but they said there are LOTS of requests for it. Do they mean an IR broadcaster or something? Anyone care to explain this one?
  4. Edge PD is being developed and should be offered as an option in the future! (1:26:00 ish)
  5. AI Sound detection, including Crying detection for baby monitor use (coming next year)
  6. V3 Micro-usb port transmits both power and data so there are lots of possibilities like POE and many other adapters
  7. Wyze is not limiting themselves to any category at all, they aren’t a camera company, or home security or smart home or anything. They are open to finding ANYTHING that they can revolutionize and disrupt with affordable good quality products, no industry limitations. (roughly 1:57:40-ish) Mostly high-quality technology available to everyone.
  8. Battery Doorbell coming
  9. Solar powered options coming
  10. Sense 1 is no longer for sale, Sense V2 is backward compatible to support V1, and has a standalone hub so you don’t need to keep your V2’s to keep using your Sense V1.
  11. Wyze will never use/sell user facial recognition data like what Amazon and others do where they give/sell your facial recognition data to government/law enforcement. Wyze says they will never do anything like that. Very firm, there was no hesitation, not even a discussion (around 2:17:00).
  12. Vacuum launching later this year.
  13. New Cam pan: “Maybe” (people laughing)
  14. Dash cam: “Maybe” (people laughing)
  15. Sprinkler - yes
  16. Smart watch - yes
  17. Garage door opener - yes, we are working on something like that, more or less.
  18. Weather station - they have a lead, so no for now, but maybe
  19. A speaker that can double as a siren - yes we will have a siren
  20. Spotlight is coming up, but as for Floodlight - “it’s something very interesting”
  21. Admitting Eufy is big competition for them!
  22. Faster notifications in a few weeks.
  23. Redesign of Wyze app
  24. Gate analysis to identify individual people/faces is being worked on
  25. (Discussing security to prevent videos being accessible by others)
  26. API (third-party access) options coming!!!
  27. Google assistant will probably take a few months to fix.
  28. Alexa linking is getting to within 500ms! FAST. (pending)
  29. Wyze low profit margins are less than 10% margins (amazing). Wyze cam V3 margin is only 3%!!! WOW! (not sure if that is off the base cost at $19.99, or including the shipping cost which they use to get a little extra profit too, but it’s still amazing! How can they survive offering so much free cloud use at those margins?)
  30. Developing voice recognition with their AI
  31. Around 2:20:53 Working on mobility. they are developing something with true mobility, but it was very vague.

Anybody else have any points of interest I missed?


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