Wyze cam out door found in wyze's Q&A video

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Great! With everyone analyzing the background of their Q&A, the next episode is going to be filmed in a padded room or walk-in cooler. LOL


That’s not a bad idea but would also ruin the fun of Easter eggs!

Though I’m going to continue not confirming nor denying things. :wink:


Good find! Someone on Reddit posted a screen grab of what appeared to be a smart light bulb in the background of one of the shots.

Great video by the way. It was really neat to hear info from the individuals working on certain aspect of the product.

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Yup! Here it is
I’m excited to see those new products launched!


Please be a Z-wave bulb and Z-wave sensors. Zigbee is to finicky. Sure Z-wave requires licensing but it just works. I have to many Zigbee bulbs that need to be reset every few weeks. All my Z-wave products are rock solid.

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