Now February for the doorbell?

is it me or am I crazy thinking these pre-orders are just a way of allowing Wyze to pay for the manufacturing of whatever you are pre-ordering? Bring back the good ol’ days of liking or wanting a product, paying for it, and getting it in a couple of days! I have an idea, I’m thinking of making an outdoor 4k camera and it will only cost you $39.99. send me your pre-order and I’ll start on figuring it all out and use your cash to fund my new company and products. If it all works out you’ll get a camera in January, no February, mmm maybe later but hey, you’ll be one of the first to get one… maybe! Once you have it there may be some teething problems, yes I know, I should have worked those out before I launched the camera, but hey its was only $39.99! Don’t worry, I’ll also throw in a service that will be free no matter what, and later ask you to pay for that as well.

Publish or perish, eh @SimonSchuster ?

Or you could just wait until you can buy it at Home Depot…of course then you’d complain about how come every one else has one already and why can’t you get one too :wink:

Ok I’ve chilled a bit since the original post. I know many companies are doing this but I do feel Wyze has veered from their perceived start up look. In addition I feel their products are also off par with so many issues occurring. I woke this morning to my pan cam not working with burn marks on the cam around the usb power insert. So now that is in the trash with the wyze sensors that failed to connect after a battery change. I want to support the company but I also want confidence in their products to last longer than a month after the warranty runs out.