All notifications stopped on all cameras, can't figure it out

Before you contact Customer Support and get a ticket started that may lead to a refund or replacement, you have a couple other more drastic measures that you can do:

  1. Run a new setup on the cam. Don’t delete it from the app, just install it again. Or,
  2. Delete it from the app, do a factory reset, and a new setup. Or,
  3. Factory Reset, Flash the firmware back to a prior version, new setup.

It does. However they are currently out of stock.

There are also multiple options on Amazon by searching Pan V3 Power Cord 90°, however I can’t attest to the ability of any of them to seal within the power plug well.

I replaced adhesive on many of my sensors. You want better than what it was shipped with. You can get the command strip adhesive that has the pull tab to disengage or use what I used. This stuff is incredible! They sell it at all the Big Box Stores and it also comes in 12lb if you really want it to stick

Many reports here in the forum of regular offline issues. I have not read any definitive explanation as to why. Either improper power management to the WiFi antaenna in the firmware, undersized antaenna hardware, board design configuration issue with the antaenna, or memory leak from issues with the firmware memory management. Who knows though. Links below.

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Again, a known issue with no known resolution. Links to thread below. Seems to be isolated to vertical pan motor.

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