Push Notifications Stopped Working

Wondering if anyone else started having problems not receiving push notifications.

I have event recordings, but push notifications stopped working on all cameras sometime yesterday evening. Nothing has been changed on my end. This effects all of my Cam v2s, Cam Pan v1, Cam Pan v2, I have Cam Plus Lite.

At work now, so I can’t do too much troubleshooting. Trying to keep an eye on my furbaby.



I’ve noticed the same on my v3’s. The cloud and SD recordings are fine, but no notifications. Looks like Wyze server side issue.

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I will see if I can get some attention on this.


Thanks! I didn’t see any announcement about an issue on the forum, so I thought maybe it was just me.

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There is no current alert for this.

I just tested on a Pan V1 and a V3 and am receiving prompt notifications.

Please check again in a bit and keep reporting here if it continues.

No notifications for my cameras v3 or pan v1 since yesterday

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Same here, I’m not receiving push notifications on any of my V3’s.


Nothing yet for me either. Stopped last night 1/19

I have noticed the same thing since yesterday (Jan. 19) on my Cam Pan V1 and Cam V3. And it only happens for cameras that are on the Cam Plus Lite subscription.

I have some Cam Plus licenses and I did some tests. When the same camera was on the Cam Plus license, notification worked. When I removed the camera from the Cam Plus license (so it was not on either Cam Plus nor Cam Plus Lite), notification worked too, but there was no 12s clip. When I added the camera into Cam Plus Lite, notification stopped working, but I can see the 12s records. I think something is wrong with Wyze’s backend.

And also started yesterday I got a lot of ERROR 3001 when viewing the video records.

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As of 12:45PM EST, still no notifications.

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Same here. No notifications since 1/19. Help!

Get in line, you are not alone :rofl:

My notifications stopped last night in all 5 of my camera . Recorded events are present when I look but no notifications . I’ve had these cameras for over a year and have not changed any settings . I have rebooted all the cameras , deleted the app etc . Nothing has worked .

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Still not getting notifications as of 12:50 PM CST.

Judging by all the posts it’s a Wyze server issue. Thanks for reporting.

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Same here. No notifications since today (1/20) on V3 and V2 cameras.
I submitted log 899704 for this and hopefully they’ll find the issue and fix it.

I set my notifications to person only.

As of 3:55pm EST still no notifications. Have you heard anything from Wyze?

Thank you for your tests. I guess they’re really trying to push all Cam Plus Lite users to Cam Plus. Buy OG! Pay for Cam Plus!

If this continues I’ll just use my Wyze cameras for continuous recording and have Nest cameras for free notifications.

What makes you think that? Have you seen any announcement from Wyze?

Just quoting JustMakeItPerfect’s post about notifications only failing on Cam Plus Lite cameras. I don’t have Cam Plus so can’t speak for whether this is working on Cam Plus or not.