Notifications have slowed or stopped

If you have experienced your notifications have slowed down or completely stopped on any camera try this…

Go to account, then wyze support then up top to the pilot program under smart support and you will see up top… (I am not receiving camera notifications) go through the instructions and complete till the end and then you will start to receive notifications again.

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Great suggestion Dave. Unfortunately this is only available for the V3 or WOCv1\v2 at the moment.

Yes you’re right my OG and pan V3 don’t have this option but those 2 cameras weren’t giving me a problem. And now everything is working perfectly.

I haven’t had the need to use that feature yet. Curious as what it did for your cams. Did it modify any settings? What issues did it find?

I’m not sure if it changed anything but I do know my notifications were super slow and some I didn’t get and some weren’t even in the event window and then I found this I did it and it worked I don’t know if it’s on everybody’s phone but it did work. When something doesn’t work I don’t give up until I fix it. Lol

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