24/7 Professional Monitoring Meets Your Wyze Home - 12/8/20

EDIT: This appears to have been a local browser cache problem, found my previous order in the cart after logging in through a different browser, and was able to complete my order

Thanks, when I select everything and click the blue “Checkout” button it goes from this:

To this:

And just sits frozen like that.

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What a joke the sensors available only with a subscription?? I’m so done with wyze. After all my sensor suddenly died I was expecting to replace them waited for the new version and this is what the bring to the table?


Okay, figured it out. Logged into a different browser, found it had my 10am order saved in checkout already from when they took the launch back offline, when it restored it was still in there (but not showing in the checkout on my primary browser, so I tried ordering again, and it spazzed out. Logging into the new browser showed it was already there with the codes applied and everything. Interesting. Maybe a Cache issue because of the offline then back up again or something.


I see the Wyze cameras are shown all over the add as a big part of security (cameras in every room, etc). Maybe this will cut down on all the arguments we’ve had here when folks complained about reliability that they aren’t security cameras. :grinning:

Very good price for the service, by the way. But I really only want a way to use my sensors, either the old ones or the new ones since the V3 can’t use the bridge.


Thank you for letting us know

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  • Will the new sensors actually show the exact time open and closed? (the V1’s only show HH:MM opened and then a rounded time open (so it if was open for 1hr 25 min it will round off and say 1 hour, so you never know exactly when it actually closed, or if open for many hours, it will round off at 1 day and you then have no idea what time it closed) which makes it hard to find that time on video).

Yes, the new sensors will show this in the Monitoring tab.

  • Are V1 sensors compatible with the new hub or not? The AMA said they were, and the HMS page originally said they were, but the FAQ’s say they are not. Does this just mean V1’s will connect to the hub, but can’t count as an HMS device in the monitoring tab?

The v1 sensors are compatible with the standalone hub but NOT with the monitoring service.

  • Can we run on “Test Mode” indefinitely to have everything work as normal except for alerting Noonlight for everything? Then if something does happen, the Alerts/Alarms still happen and inform us, then if it is important we can manually hit the emergency button to call dispatch? (Then we never have to worry about false alarm fees).

Technically, yes! And I enjoyed the face of the person I asked this question. :joy:

  • Will the Hub eventually be able to store Camera footage? Also how much memory can the hub support (is it an SD card, built in, or external capable)?
    (The FAQ “Will the Hub have backup storage for camera feeds, events, and logs?” only said “we plan to support backup storage for sensor events and logs in the future.” but it did not actually answer yes or no if Camera footage was possibly going to be able to be stored eventually)

No, the Hub will not be able to do that.

  • What exactly does “role-based sharing” mean? It says you will support this in the future.

It’s sharing between family members and such. It’s the ability to set individual codes.

  • FAQ’s say HMS will still work locally if power goes out. Is that JUST for logging the sensors, or will the alarm/siren still work too? Will you be adding support for anything else to be able to work with the hub locally in the future?

The local siren will also work. I can’t promise the ability for other things to work locally with the hub later.

  • For everyone else: When will the V2 sensors be available to non-HMS subscribed customers now that you are not selling V1 sensors anymore (some people need more of these, but you aren’t selling any)?

The v2 sensors will be available later but I don’t have an ETA for that yet.

  • Can we have multiple hubs running simultaneously (ie: one upstairs and downstairs, or back and front)?

No, you cannot use multiple Hubs in one location at this time.

  • Can we have multiple keypads (front entrance, back entrance, garage entrance)? (EDIT: YES, answered by availability to order them)

Yes, you can have multiple keypads. :slight_smile:

  • Will the HMS keypad and/or Wyze Lock Keypad eventually be able to work with the other system (HMS keypads open the lock, or lock keypad disarm the HMS)?

Not at this time but I shared it with the team!

  • Are any of the V2 sensors water resisttant for monitoring around the outside of the house? Do they have an IPxx rating?

No, these are intended for indoor use only.

  • Can the keypad be used as a motion sensor since it has the capability (FAQ says it will light up and prompt for input when it senses motion)?

No, that’s just for convenience. There’s a hardware limitation there.


@Brlepage, @steve4335, and @wander3_16, the sensor kit will be available for purchase separately later but I don’t have an ETA for that yet. You can use the hardware without the monitoring.

I’m sharing the interest in standalone sensor purchases! :slight_smile:

@raym64, we are moving to being able to use Wyze hardware for security with these additional features. :slight_smile:


The size of the new sensors is a bummer. I really liked the size of the sense v1. I know they have a AAA battery now but would rather have the smaller battery and smaller footprint.


I loved the v1 for this reason, the larger size should add the required reliability that for some was missing in the v1


I’ll share this with the team!


I also loved the small size, but I have other brands of temp/humidity sensors running on AAA batteries going on 2 years without a battery change. It also opens up additional range when you don’t have to ration power from a CR2032.


I modified the V! contact sensor on my mailbox to run on 2 AA batteries. I did it mainly because when it get’s down to Zero degrees in the winter, it would often kill the lithium button battery. Would look ugly in the house on a door, but it’s hidden on the mailbox.


Ordered and excited!


Good idea! Surprisingly the motion sensor in my mailbox is the only one I’ve never had to change the battery, even in the winter.


@WyzeGwendolyn Will the V2 sensors be compatible with Alexa?

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I am pretty sure they will be but can’t find an area I can link to show it

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This system, the price and how it works with other devices - looks pretty amazing :star_struck:

But but…

Although we don’t support cellular backup, the Sense Hub has a battery backup in the case of a power outage. If your internet connection drops, Wyze Home Monitoring Service will still work locally.

If there is a power outage it also means there is no internet. Even thought it will continue to work locally, how will it notify professional monitoring? I think this is a big drawback.

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Yes, the sensors are compatible with Alexa like the v1 sensors are. :slight_smile:


I’ll share this feedback with the team!


I haven’t seen additional sirens. I know the cam v3 have sirens but i need a regular remote siren